DMV Change Of Address: How To

Moving to a new state or city involves many tasks, and one essential aspect is updating your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This state-level government agency is responsible for managing everything related to vehicles and licenses. DMV requires you to update your address within 10 days of moving to ensure all your license, permit, non-driver ID, and vehicle records reflect your new address. In this page We are here to guide and help you update your DMV address change for all the states in the United States.

How To Update or Change Drivers License Address

Keeping your driver’s license current is important and part of that is ensuring your address is up-to-date as well. In this guide, we will go through the simple process of updating or changing drivers license address. This process can typically be done online or in-person with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


Updating your driver’s license address online is a easy option. Simply log in to your my DMV website and provide necessary details, complete the application, and upload any required documents. You can also request a replacement license online and pay the fee via credit card. Wait for the arrival of your updated documents by mail. Choose your State from below list and you will get detailed guide to change or update your address.

In Person:

To update your address in person you can direct visit or schedule appointment in DMVoffices and choose the nearest DMV office while scheduling. Print and complete Form MV-232 with accurate details. Gather required documents like proof of signature, residency, social security number, and date of birth. Bring the form and documents to the DMV, decide on license replacement or renewal, pay the fee, and wait for updated documents to arrive by mail.

By Mail Option:

If you prefer to update your driver’s license address by mail, You can do so easily by completing an Address Change form and sending it to the DMV office. This process is simple if you are unable to update your address in person or online.

State Wise Change of Address GuideTime to Update
Address In-State
Time to Update Address
if Moved to the State
Alabama30 days30 days
AlaskaImmediately90 days
Arizona10 daysImmediately
Arkansas10 days30 days
California10 days10 days
Colorado30 days30 days
Connecticut48 hours30 days
Delaware30 days60 days
Florida30 days30 days
Georgia60 days30 days
Hawaii30 days30 days
Idaho30 days90 days
Illinois10 days90 days
Indiana30 days60 days
Iowa30 days30 days
Kansas10 days90 days
Kentucky10 days30 days
Louisiana10 days30 days
Maine10 days30 days
Maryland30 days60 days
Massachusetts30 daysUpon establishing residency
Minnesota30 days60 days
Mississippi30 days30 days
MissouriImmediatelyUpon establishing residency
Montana10 days60 days
Nebraska60 days30 days
Nevada30 days30 days
New Hampshire30 days60 days
New JerseyImmediately60 days
New Mexico10 daysUpon establishing residency
New York10 days30 days
North Carolina60 days60 days
North Dakota10 days150 days
Ohio7 to 10 days30 days
Oklahoma10 days30 days
Oregon30 days30 days
Pennsylvania15 days60 days
Rhode Island10 days30 days
South Carolina10 days45 days
South DakotaNo time limit90 days
Tennessee10 days30 days
Texas30 days90 days
Utah10 days60 days
Vermont30 days60 days
Virginia30 days60 days
Washington10 days30 days
Washington, D.C.60 days30 days
West Virginia20 days30 days
Wisconsin10 days60 days
Wyoming10 days1 year

What Are The Documents Required For Address Change In Driving License

The documents typically required for an address change in a driving license include proof of residency, proof of identity, and proof of social security number.

Do You Get a New Driver License When You Change Your Address

If you change your address, you usually need to update your driver’s license with the new address. The process for this can differ depending on where you live. Some places may give you a new license, while others may only provide a sticker or update their records. It’s important to contact your local licensing authority to find out how it works in your area.

How Can I Check That My Change of Address Was Updated Successfully?

To verify if your address change was successfully updated, you can review your online account if the change was made online, or contact your local DMV if it was done in person or by mail. Confirming the update is crucial to ensure you receive all critical notifications from the DMV, like renewal notices or driving violation alerts, at your new address.

It’s important to update your DMV address when you move to a new state or city. The process can be completed online, in-person or via mail. While the required documents include proof of residency, identification, and social security number, the process may differ depending on your location. It is essential to confirm whether a new driver’s license will be issued or if a sticker will be placed on the current one.