How to Do Oklahoma Drivers License Address Change

When you move to a new address in Oklahoma, updating your driver’s license is a critical step to ensure your driving record remains current. It is not only about compliance with state laws but also about having accurate identification for various uses. The process to update your address on your Oklahoma driver’s license or ID is straightforward. You have the convenience of managing this task online. Important to remember is the tie between the address change on your license and the update required for your vehicle registration. It’s a dual update that simplifies matters, making a single process sufficient to ensure all your driving documents are up to date.

Understanding the process beforehand can save you time and help you prepare the necessary documents. While some changes can be made online, such as a driver license or ID card address update, others may need to be conducted in person at a local office. Keeping abreast of the specific documents needed and the timeframe within which you need to notify the Department of Public Safety about your new address will make the transition smoother. Whether you’re changing your address, renewing, or replacing your license, the steps are outlined to guide you through this mandatory requirement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Update your Oklahoma driver’s license or ID promptly after moving.
  • Prepare necessary documents before beginning the address change process.
  • Vehicle registration must also be updated along with your license information.

How Long Do You Have To Change Your Address in Oklahoma?

When you change your address in Oklahoma, you are required to update your driver’s license or ID card within a specific period. This timeframe depends on whether your move is within the state or if you’re coming from another state.

In-State Changes

If you’ve moved within the state of Oklahoma, you must update your address on your driver’s license or ID card within 10 days. You can manage your address change through various methods, including an online update available through the Oklahoma government website. The online change is straightforward and can quickly ensure your documents reflect your new address.

Out-of-State Changes

For new Oklahoma residents who previously held an out-of-state license, it’s imperative to apply for an Oklahoma driver’s license and fulfill the address update within 30 days of establishing residency. To begin the process and learn about the required documentation, refer to the instructions for new residents.

Methods for Drivers License Address Change In Oklahoma

When you need to update your address on your Oklahoma driver’s license, you have three methods at your disposal: online, in-person, or by mail. Each method has specific steps you must follow.

Online Procedure:

To update your address online, visit the address update section. This service is designed for ease of use, and after inputting your information, ensure the new address you wish to have on your driver’s license is accurate. Service Oklahoma Help Center offers detailed guidance on changing your address if you have a REAL ID.

In-Person Procedure:

If you prefer to update your address in person, you can do so at a local DPS office or tag agency. The Renew Replace Driver Online page highlights that you may renew or replace your driver’s license in person if not eligible for online services.

Mail Procedure:

For those who choose to change their address by mail, detailed instructions can be found on how to prepare and mail your information from sources like This approach may take longer to process, so ensure your forms are correctly filled out and mailed well in advance of any deadlines.

What Is Needed for a Change of Address at DMV

To change your address on your Oklahoma driver’s license or ID, you must provide specific documents to verify your identity, Oklahoma residency, and eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements: You must have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or ID to request an address change. If you’re adding a Real ID credential, ensure your current license is eligible for the upgrade.

Proof of Identity: Bring one primary form of identification such as a birth certificate or a passport. This document must be original or a certified copy. View the list of acceptable ID documents.

Proof of New Address: You will need to show two documents that prove your residency in Oklahoma; utility bills, lease agreements, or mortgage statements are commonly used for this purpose.

Additional Documents: If applicable, provide your Social Security number or evidence of legal presence in the United States. Non-U.S. citizens will need to present immigration documents.

Fees and Payment Options: There are fees associated with updating your address. Payment methods include cash, check, or credit card, but available options may vary by location.

Impact on Vehicle Registration

When you change your address on your Oklahoma driver’s license, it is crucial to update your vehicle registration to match. This ensures that you receive important notifications and stay in compliance with state regulations.

Updating Voter Registration Information

After updating your address with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, it’s important to also update your voter registration information. Your voting district and available ballots are based on your current address, so keeping this information updated is essential to exercise your voting rights effectively.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Address Within 10 Days

Failing to update your address can lead to a number of issues, including not receiving vital correspondence regarding your vehicle. This can include renewal notices, tax receipts, or other legal notifications. It’s important to note that updating your address with Service Oklahoma will not automatically update the address you have with the US Postal Service. To ensure receipt of all mail, separately update your mailing address with the USPS.

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