Virginia DMV Change Of Address

You must change your address within 30 days of moving to the new address in Virginia. Updating the address is more important because the DMV will communicate and send you DMV-related documents. The Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to change your address in three ways that are through the website, appointment, and in person. The DMV will cancel your driver’s license if you fail to change your address. As well as the DMV will cancel your address if you move out of Virginia. The motor vehicle department will cancel your driver’s license. In this article, I will tell Virginia DMV address changing details Virginia DMV change of address.

How to Complete a DMV Change of Address in Virginia

The Virginia DMV website allows you to change your address online. It is the most straightforward process and can be done within minutes. This online tool reduces your wait time and speeds up paperwork. You don’t move anywhere from home if your details are saved on DMV records. Follow these simple steps, and change your address online.  

  1. Visit the official website:  
  2. Enter your driver’s license number or SSN 
  3. Enter your date of birth as per your license
  4. Click the Continue button. 
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. 
  6. Review your details carefully and submit the details to the DMV. 

Virginia DMV Change of Address Appointment

If you want to visit the Virginia DMV office on a specific day to update your driver’s license address, you must make an appointment based on availability. Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy; you can make it online and by phone.

  1. Open the scheduling tool URL:  
  2. Click the Book or Cancel Appointment tab
  3. Select the required service in the service list.
  4. Fill out the form with your details. 
  5. Select the branch office, date, and time to schedule an appointment. 

Review your details and submit them to confirm the appointment. Print the scheduled appointment and bring it during your appointment day. You must complete the address form and attach the identification documents to visit the DMV office.

Changing Your DMV VA Address By Phone:

You can also change your address by calling the Virginia DMV phone number at (804) 497-7100. This process may take several minutes longer than the online procedure, and you may have to wait for several minutes to hours on the phone line until your request is processed. DMV employees will ask you some critical questions related to your license and residency, and you must provide accurate information to change your driver’s license address.

Mailing The Documents To DMV Virginia Office

You can mail the documents to the DMV office to request a change of address on your driver’s license. Additionally, if you need to change your garage jurisdiction in VA, similar procedures will apply. Complete the requisite forms, attach residency proof and a copy of your driver’s license, and mail them to your local DMV office. Be patient, as these changes can take up to 30 days to process.

Virginia DMV Change of Address Form

To quest to change your address in Virginia DMV, you must complete the address changing request form. Fill in all the information carefully without errors to avoid inconvenience while processing your request.

Virginia DMV Change Of Address Requirements: 

You must present all identification documents to the DMV office for a change of address, such as residency, identity, and driver’s license. Update your address within 30 days of when you move new residency in Virginia.


You can apply change of address online, at the DMV office, or make an appointment. However, you must present proof of residency and a driver’s license to process your request. Also, as mentioned earlier in this post, you must complete the change of address form. Changing your address is much simpler and straightforward in Virginia. You can request it at any office in Virginia. While managing these updates, you may also want to understand your safe driving points balance in VA. This balance is a part of the point system which rewards safe drivers and helps to identify those who may need additional driver training. It’s beneficial for every driver to be aware of their balance for a more responsible driving experience.

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