How to Do Maryland MVA Change of Address

There are two major ways in which an individual can request for MVA address change or name change. The process is very simple under which an individual can directly reach out to their nearest branch office and request the change or can submit their applications, online.

Maryland DMV Change of Address and Name Online

The online way is considered more simpler as it helps to avoid the hassles of reaching the place in person. For physical visit, it is always recommended to book your appointment MVA in advance. Even if you wish to further process mva transfer title to family member or out-of-state, you need to get all such address, name of title changes, completed in advance. Here are the steps to follow for change of address at MVA-

  1. Visit the official website   
  2. Create your profile using an id and password
  3. Once the profile is created, login to your profile and search for the address or name bar under personal details to update or change. 
  4. Now click “Next” to get directed to a page wherein you can update or change your credentials.
  5. Once completed, click on “next.” In the next further steps, you will be given certain options, including getting a new licence with the updated address. You may choose the same as per your need and keep clicking on “Next” tab, each time. 
  6. Finally click on “submit” to submit the form and you are done but make sure you review your form before final submission.

How to Check MVA Maryland Change of Address Status Online

One can very easily check the status of their MVA address change online MARYLAND request. In order to do the same, you need to follow a few steps and keep some of your relative information in readiness. To check the status, one can directly get in touch with the staff at MVA corrections unit at their branch office or main office or you can go online and check the status through the following steps.

  1. Visit the official website of MVA-
  2. Choose from various options and click on the status tab. 
  3. Enter the respective details and you can get the status of your request. 
  4. You can also use the chatbot to verify your status or send an email to request for you application status and its processing. 

MVA Change of Address Form VR-154

MVA change of address form is quite similar to many other forms like the temporary car tag in MD request form, etc. However, one needs to carefully read and fill in the details as per the documents one needs to submit for the name or address correction request on their behalf. Any mistake may lead to rejection or extension of your request so, fill in your details, rightly. Given below is the form for your convenience.

How Long Does It Take for a Change of Address in MD?

Once you have completed all your formalities and filled in the form to request an address change at MVA Maryland, it might take another 5 business days to complete your request and deliver the updated title to you. However, this is only subject to ideal conditions where you have entered the details, correctly. Else it might take higher time or lead to rejection, as well.

Is a Check Still Valid If the Address Is Wrong in DMV Maryland?

Yes, the check is still valid and you may continue to use it for your financial exchanges but it is always recommended to update your bank about the address change such that you do not have to face any legal issues in the future. However, an address change does not impact your current checks.

How Much to Change Address on Driver’s License

Whether you wish to get Maryland driving record or change your address or transfer a title, there is always a fees attached to it. No matter what service you wish to opt for, you will always have to pay the official price for the same. Do not forget to check for the relative fees attached for change of address request on MVA official page.

How to Change Name After Marriage in Maryland?

If you got married in Maryland, you can easily request for your name change in your county. To change your name after marriage after getting married in Maryland, you can request for a new name. This can be done by filing a request form for New Marriage Record (CC-FM-072) at the circuit court. 

How Long Do You Have to Report an Address Change in Maryland?

It is mandatory to report an address change in MD land within 30 days of the address change. It is always recommended to complete your paper work to avoid any legal obligations coming across your ways. The address change needs to be updated at your bank and the MVA centre to update it in terms of your vehicle, too. Failing the same might land into legal obligations and applied penalties.


The process of MVA Maryland change of address is well guided by the authorized agency and there is no hassle in performing the same. There are multiple ways in which name, address or any other such personal information can be amended for an individual. An individual can directly visit the nearest branch office of MVA or mail the relative corrections using the VR-154 form or make an in-person visit to MVA licence tag and title service provider and get their information amended by paying a nominal fee. These bodies are authorized and may charge a nominal amount for multiple services like tag transfers, name or address change, getting an MD drivers license from out of state,etc.

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