How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated in Maryland

A suspended licence in Maryland can get reinstated through a set process that might include a few legal processes too be followed and then request for the same. The first and foremost requisite for the same is to complete your waiting or suspended period before applying for the reinstatement. Once the period assigned by the court is over, you can apply for reinstatement by directly visiting the Driver’s Wellness and Safety Division. Also, it is essential to submit your suspended licence, return tags to MVA, or ensure to adhere to Maryland MVA return plates process.

How to Get My Maryland Driver’s License Back

Your suspended license MD can be obtained only once the outlined period for the same by the court is completed. After which you can follow the following process to apply or produce your request. 

There are two ways in which you can forward your request-

In person:

An individual can directly make a visit at the Driver’s Wellness and safety Division of MVA and place their request along with the required documents and processing fees. After complete verification and validation, the licence will be reinstated based on your validation. 

Through Call:

An individual can also call the MVA customer service at 410-767-7000 to get in touch with the respective officer and place their request for the reinstatement. 

These are the two ways in which one can request to get back their suspended licence in Maryland. However, make sure you have completed your penalty period, made the fees payment, and produced all of the relative documents. 

How to Check If License Is Suspended Online in Maryland

Similar to getting the status of MD drivers license from out of state, getting a tag transfer status or any other relative service at MVA, one needs to follow a set of steps to get their MVA suspended license, back. 

  1. Visit or call the MVA’s Driver Wellness and Safety division and place your request for getting the reinstatement of your licence. 
  2. Once all the documents are submitted and the request process is complete, the MVA will now review your driving record to validate your qualification. 
  3. After this, an email will be received to pay the application fees for the request placement. 
  4. Once the payment is completed, you will receive an update on your application informing about whether the licence is reinstated or request is rejected. 
  5. Once the approved reinstatement is received, the owner should carry this letter to the local MVA for applying for a new licence. After the designated time, one will receive their new licence. 

To ensure a smooth reinstatement process and stay up-to-date with MVA communications, it’s crucial to keep your contact information current. If you’ve recently moved or need to change your address, don’t forget to update your details using the MVA change of address form provided by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

What Documents Do I Need to Reinstate My Driver’s License in Maryland?

To get your MVA suspended license back, one needs to submit four important documents. This includes- Driver’s licence or ID card proof (birth certificate or a US passport), one identity proof of Social Security (original social security certificate, W-2 form), and two proofs of Maryland residency that can be your utility bill, bank statement, vehicle registration, insurance card, etc.

In What State Can You Get Your License If Your License Is Suspended in Maryland?

The licence reinstatement will solely depend on your clearance obtained from the legal heads. Depending on your legal clearance you first have to apply for a licence in Maryland itself and later you may get in transferred to any other state based on your transfer needs or any other circumstances.

What Happens If Your Driver’s License Is Suspended But You Have Not Surrendered It to the MVA?

If the driver has not surrendered their driver’s licence to MVA after suspension, it is mandatory to return the same to the MVA office, failing which a penalty will be levied on them and may also lead to extension of the suspension. In case the submission is due to non-satisfactory decision of the judge, one can post an appeal within 30 days of the administrative hearing of the case.

If You Refuse a Breathalyzer, How Long Will Your License Be Suspended in MD?

If an individual refuses breath analyser test, it may lead to suspension of their licence for a period of 270 days for the first timers. However, if this is for a second or subsequent time, the suspension might get extended to a year.


In order to get back your Maryland suspended license, first and foremost you need to complete your suspension cycle, without which none of the authorities will allow a reinstatement. Once your waiting period is completed, you can request for reinstatement via call or walk-in. one could call the MVA customer service directly with the Drivers Wellness and safety division, directly to place your request similar to many other services like title or tag transfer, temporary car tag in MD or to get Maryland driving record, etc.