How to Get a Maryland Driver’s License from Another State

If you are a new resident of Maryland and looking to transfer your driver’s license to Maryland, you have come to the right place. Through this post, we have updated all the required information on how to get a Maryland driver’s license from another state and the documents needed to submit to process your driver’s license. New Maryland residents must obtain a Maryland driver’s license within sixty days. As well as, If you have an out-of-state commercial driver’s license, you need to transfer it within 30 days at MDOT MVA.

  1. You need to surrender your previous state license to the Maryland motor vehicle administration department and present all the required documents according to MVA guidelines to obtain a new driver’s license in Maryland. 
  2. You need to present the valid out-of-state license or your expired license to the motor vehicle administrator, but the license expiration should not be more than one year. As well as you shouldn’t submit the license if it is suspended. 
  3. If your license expires more than one year, you must take knowledge in the Maryland MVA. You must qualify for the knowledge test that contains road safety rules, signals, and safe driving practices questions, which you can see in the Maryland MVA driver’s manual. After this, MVA will allow you to take the vision test. 
  4. As well as, if you are new to driving and don’t have a license from an out-of-state, you must complete the driving course approved by Maryland MVA and submit that record to the motor vehicle department, along with identification documents. 

What Are The Required Documents to Get a Maryland Driver’s License from Another State

Required documents: You need to present the identification documents to the Maryland MVA department to prove your identity and residency.

Proof of residency: After moving to a new residence, you must present your current address proof to the MDOT MVA.

Proof of Identity: U.SA. passport or birth certification approved by the U.S.A government.

With these two documents, submit your social security number and out-of-state license if you have one.

Schedule An Appointment You must schedule an appointment to visit the Maryland MVA office. Scheduling an appointment saves you time and helps to process your request quickly. As well as complete the driver’s license application before scheduling an appointment. 

  1. Visit the Maryland official website: the “Schedule An Appointment” button.
  2. Select the “New to Maryland/New to country.” Option.
  3. Complete the pre-application
  4. Select the MVA branch office near you.
  5. Select the “Time and Date” on the appointment scheduling colander. 
  6. Fill in the required information and click the “Submit” button to schedule an appointment. 

Print the scheduled appointment receipt and attach identification documents and your out-of-state license to visit the Maryland motor vehicle administration department. Bring all the documents to visit the MVA branch office during the appointment day and submit them to the MVA staff to process your request. If you are also looking for information on Maryland car title replacement, you can find it on our dedicated page.

How Much Does It Cost To Switch Your License to Maryland

All applicants must pay a license fee to the MVA to process their application, depending on their license type. If you are applying for a Non-commercial license, you must pay $114 to update your name on Maryland driving records and process your license. 

Obtain Maryland Driver’s License: After completing this process, including paying fees, the Maryland MVA will mail your license to the residential address that you mentioned in the driver’s license application. So, make sure to update your MVA address. If you don’t receive the license after 14 days, visit the nearest MDOT MVA office and present your receipt to them for further assistance.


After scheduling an appointment, you must visit the Maryland motor vehicle department office and present all the required documents as mentioned in the documents list, including those needed for Maryland’s 60-day temporary tags, also known as MVA drop off tags, if applicable.