How to Get Temporary Tags & License Plates In Maryland

Maryland MVA issues Temporary Tags (License plates) to dealers and non-dealers. According to Maryland law, a private person can get 30-day temporary tags. Only dealers can obtain 60-day Temporary tags for their vehicles. 

Temporary tags are known as temporary license plates, allowing the vehicle to legally drive on Maryland roads before registering the vehicle from a dealer or private person. In Maryland, temporary license plates are valid for up to 30 to 60 days; during this period, you must complete the necessary paperwork to obtain permanent registration. Also, these temporary tags track traffic violations and protect the vehicle from being stolen.

In Maryland, before getting a permanent registration for your vehicle, a vehicle inspection is required that ensures the vehicle is fit to operate on Maryland roads. The Maryland DMV will issue only 30 temporary tags for the vehicle inspection. 

If you have purchased a vehicle that needs repairs, you may need to transfer the title to your name. The Maryland DMV will mail you the title to your doorstep. You can apply for temporary tags for 30 days when you request to inspect your vehicle. If you require a copy of your car title in Maryland, make sure to follow the necessary steps to obtain one. As well as, if you are active military personnel coming from an out-of-state, you can get temporary tags for your vehicle. 

How to Get a Temporary Tag In Maryland

To obtain a temporary license for 30 days, complete the temporary inspection waiver form VR-129 and pay $20 for the temporary tag registration fee.

You must bring your insurance with a temporary tag registration application, and the insurance must meet all the requirements of the Maryland DMV.  In order to obtain a temporary tag in Maryland, you need to complete all the requirements mentioned below.

  1. You must complete the waiver application form.
  2. Bring your driver’s license,
  3. You must have liability insurance.
  4. Sales bill and signature of the seller.
  5. You must carry vehicle registration documents if you purchased a vehicle from a private person.
  6. Pay a $20 temporary registration fee through a credit/debit card or by money order. 

With these documents, visit the Maryland MVA full-service branch office ( or mail the documents to the Glen Brunie office mentioned below.

MVA mail-in title unit, 6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E., Glen Burnie, MD 21062.

Customer support phone number: 14107687000

How to Get 60-Day Temporary Plates In Maryland

Usually, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) allows dealers to get a 60-day license when the vehicle meets Maryland’s safety inspection. After a safety inspection, all vehicles of the Maryland dealer provide 60-day license plates.

How to Extend Temporary License Plate in MD

Unfortunately, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) does not permit extensions on temporary tags. Once issued, these tags remain valid for a strict duration of 30 days only.

What is The Fee for 30-Day Maryland Temporary Registration? 

When applying for 30-day temporary registration, you must pay temporary registration, permanent registration, and title fee, including excise tax.

After the vehicle inspection, the vehicle owner needs to submit the inspection certificate to the MVA, or the inspection station will transmit information details to MVA electronically. After this, the Maryland MVA a 15-day temporary license plate to the customer along with a year sticker printed by mail to the customer. The registration fee details depend on the type of vehicle you are using. 

Can I Obtain a Temporary Tag Without an Inspection In Maryland?

If you are new to Maryland and are in the process of obtaining a driver’s license, remember that if the vehicle has a title or you are applying for a title for your vehicle, you can also obtain a temporary license. With this temporary registration, you can operate your vehicle between inspection stations, weighing, and repair facilities in order to pass the vehicle safety inspection. This ensures a seamless transition to Maryland’s driving requirements as you secure your new Maryland driver’s license.

After processing your request, the Maryland MVA will provide a metal-printed license plate if you visit the branch office in person by scheduling the DMV MVA appointment. Otherwise, the MVA will mail the license plate to your doorstep. You must attach this license plate to your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s inspection details transmit to MVA electronically. When you want to register your vehicle permanently, you must visit the MVA full-service branch office with the original inspection certificate.

Can I Drive a Vehicle Without a License Plate?

No, you should not operate a motor vehicle without a license plate. However, you can get a 30-day temporary license plate issued in the Maryland MVA branch office before getting permanent registration if you complete all the requirements, as outlined in our guide on MD tag return.

 Can I Get a Temporary License Plate in One Day?

Yes, you can get a license plate within 1 hour if you submit a temporary registration application, insurance, sales bill and application fee at the MVA. 

When a Temporary License is Required 

When you purchase a new or old vehicle from a private person, you need a temporary license until the registration is transferred to your name. 

How To Get Temporary Tag for New Resident In Maryland

If you’ve recently moved to Maryland from another state and need to update your address with the Maryland MVA, it’s essential to ensure that your registration information is accurate. Learn more about the process of updating your address with the Maryland MVA in our comprehensive guide on MD MVA change of address and get temporary tag for 30 days.

Temporary Tag for Military Person

If you are an active duty member of the U.S. military and currently stationed outside of Maryland, you may qualify for a military personnel inspection waiver. To be eligible, your home of record must be in Maryland, and you must apply for the waiver when you apply for a Maryland title for your vehicle.

Along with the waiver application, you must complete the address certification form, and the form should have the signature of your commanding officer.


Maryland MVA issue 60 and 30-day temporary license plates when the vehicles need an inspection before registering. To obtain a temporary tag, you must complete all the abovementioned requirements. If you have difficulty getting your vehicle inspected, you can apply for the temporary tag at the Maryland MVA branch office. After applying for Maryland temporary license plate, the motor vehicle will test your vehicle and certify it to operate on Maryland roads.

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