How To Get a Temporary License Plate Louisiana

Once a new vehicle enters the boundaries of Louisiana, it is important to get it registered before being able to run it on-road in the county. For this, a very simple- online or offline process can be followed. Initially, the owner is supposed to get the temporary license plate after which they will be provided with the permanent plate after a period of time. For this, one needs to go online and fill their details on the online forms for the application process along with their e-signature and required set of document files to apply for the request. Pay the applicable fees online and submit your request to the local Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. One can also walk-in directly to the office of the DMV and apply for their temporary license plate and register their car by paying the applicable fees. After which, the applicant will get their printable Louisiana temp tag.

How To Get a Temporary License Plate (Tag) Louisiana

One should know that the temporary license plate number for the vehicle isn’t the same as the permanent tag for their vehicle. The temporary registration tag number is allotted by the dealership through which the car was purchased. However, it serves the similar purpose for the vehicle but any brand new or title transfer based vehicle purchase needs to apply for the permanently registration, separately.

If you are looking to follow some simple steps to apply for the temporary license plate in Louisiana, here is what to do!

To apply for a printable temporary license plate in Louisiana, follow these steps:

Step 1: Vehicle Registration and Account Login:

  • Register your vehicle with the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Log in to your account on the Louisiana DMV website.

Step 2: Request Temporary License Plate:

  • Look for the option to request a printable temporary license plate and select it.

Step 3: Fill in Vehicle and Personal Details:

  • Enter all required details about the vehicle.
  • Provide the applicant’s personal information as prompted.

Step 4: Complete Documentation:

  • Gather and attach all necessary documents required for the temporary license plate application.

Step 5: Payment of Fees:

  • Pay any applicable fees for the temporary license plate.
  • Attach proof of payment to your application.

Step 6: Verify Insurance:

  • Ensure your vehicle is covered by a valid Louisiana car insurance policy, which is a prerequisite for the temporary tag application.

Step 7: Submission of Application:

  • You can choose to submit your registration and temporary tag request online through the Louisiana DMV website.
  • Alternatively, visit your nearest local DMV office to submit your registration documents and apply for the temporary license plate in person.

Step 8: Temporary Tag Issuance:

  • Once your application is processed, you will receive a temporary tag that is valid for 60 days.

Remember to check the Louisiana DMV website or contact the local DMV office for the most current information and specific instructions related to temporary license plates. Applying in this manner will make you eligible for the standard temporary license plate however, if you need a specialty plate, you may apply accordingly.

Louisiana 30 Day Temp Tag Online

In Louisiana, a new car owner needs to apply for a temporary license plate for their new vehicles. Generally your dealer should help you with that else you need to separately apply for the same to your local OMV. After applying for it through the process along with the required set of documents needed, you will be able to get the temporary tags at the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) if you apply for the Louisiana 30 day temp tag online.

Louisiana 5 Day Temp Tag

Louisiana 5 day temp tag can also be obtained if you are looking for a very small tenure of temporary tag. All you need to do is register and mention the specific timeline for applying for a 5 days temp tag and the reason for the same and you will be provided the tag from the OMV’s office accordingly.

Louisiana 60 Day Temp Tag

Louisiana 60 day temp tag are the general tags that are issued to the applicants for the temporary tag. When moving to Louisiana or buying a new car, the temporary tags are important. Driving a car isn’t suggested without the plates or registration in the county. Thus, anyone can apply for the temporary license plates following the simple process and receive it from the DMV within 10 days. These temporary vehicle tags offered in Louisiana are mainly valid for a period of 60 days, without any extra application or charges to follow with it.

How To Get Printable Temporary License Plate Louisiana?

One can get the printable temporary license plates in Louisiana by applying for the same and putting a specific request for it during the online or offline process of registering their car and submitting the application for their temporary tags.

How Long Is a Temp Tag Good for in Louisiana?

The temporary tag in Louisiana is valid for a period of around 60 days. This period is defined keeping in mind the extension period needed to apply and obtain the owner’s new permanent license plate. However, if you wish to apply for the permanent license soon, you can also apply for a 30 days temporary tag issue, only. This can be a standard time to be able to get your permanent tag while be able to drive in Louisiana.

What if My Temporary License Plate Expired Louisiana?

In case your temporary license plate Louisiana has expired, the owner might have to bear a penalty costing to 25% of the annual cost of the actual vehicle license. Thus, it is recommended to apply for renew or permanent license plate, as soon as possible. For this, the applicant needs to go to the website of Louisiana DMV car for the registration or visit their nearest DMV office and get their request registered by paying the handling fees.

There are certain details that will be required to apply for the same, such as-

  • The type in the Vehicle Model Year
    Vehicle’s License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Make
  • The last 6 digits of the owner’s VIN and date of acquiring it

After submitting these, just verify your address and submit the registration and handling fees and submit your request for the renew process.


Temporary license plates in Louisiana can be obtained through the prescribed process of obtaining the same from the DMV offices. In case of a transfer of entitlement of a vehicle, this is the first and foremost thing that the owner should comply with. Temporary tags are available for a period of 5 days, 30 days and 60 days at max. After which, one needs to apply for the permanent tag and use the same to be legally able to drive in Louisiana. 

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