How Do I Get a Duplicate (Replacement) Title in Maryland

Getting a duplicate(replacement) title in Maryland is not difficult with multiple ways to apply for the same. If you have lost, altered, damaged, or destroyed your original title by mistake, you can always apply for a duplicate via the official online website of MVA ( or else visit your nearest KIOSK or get it from a tag or title service provider, licenced by MVA or pay an in-person visit at any of their branch offices. Individuals can also request for a duplicate if in case the lien on their vehicle is paid off or has been wrongly assigned to someone else or one is returning back to Maryland from some other jurisdiction, as well. Following just a simple process, one can apply for the same and get a duplicate copy, hassle-free.  

How To Request Duplicate Title Maryland Online

MVA duplicate registration online request needs a simple process to be followed along with producing of related information, correctly. Similar to applying for a temporary car tag in md, certain steps need to be followed, post which the individual can get the duplicate title within 7-10 days in normal course and 1-2 days in urgent course. Duplicate title can be obtained in case of damage, loss, spoilage, or mutilated title by the owner. Following are the steps through which one needs to apply for a duplicate.

Step 1: Visit the official website of MVA- .

Step 2: Choose from various options to request for a duplicate title. 

Step 3: Complete the application by filling in the details as per your documents. 

Step 4: Pay the processing fees of $20. 

Step 5: Submit the application along with the required documents i.e., letter of administration or death certificate (in case of co-ownership).

One can choose any of the modes to apply, however you need to keep the required documents by your side you avoid any further delays. Few of the required documents are- Letters of Administration, Death Certificate in case of deceased, Trustee appointment order, Power of Attorney (VR-470), etc. 

How to Track MVA duplicate Title online

To track your MVA duplicate title online, you need to visit the official link of Once, the link is reached, enter the Soundex number to check the status of your application. The tracking system will automatically filter out the details and display the same on screen. The tracking can be done post 24hours of the initial transaction completion. 

MVA Title request form 

In order to book an mva schedule appointment online for Maryland MVA registration copy, one needs to fill in the required request form. Individuals need to enter all the correct details, truest to their knowledge to avoid any discrepancies and delays, any further. Producing wrong information will lead to once again applying for the correction, so its better to double check all the credentials, entered by you. Given below is the MVA title request form to fill in.

Can I Get a Duplicate Title the Same Day in Maryland?

After completion of the required paperwork, an individual can gain access of MVA duplicate title online within 1-2 working days.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Duplicate Title in Maryland (MD)?

Under the normal application process, if an individual’s original title is lost, he/she can receive the duplicate title after completion of the paperwork within 7-10 days of application process completion. 

How Much Is a Duplicate Registration in Maryland?

There are different fees to be paid at different registration counters under tag transfer, replacement tag, etc. An individual must confirm the amount to be paid from the provided listing on the official website of MVA. However, the base fees for registering a request for duplicate title is $20.

What to Do If My Title Is Wrongly Entered?

If you have produced wrong information on your title, you need to once gain apply for your title to be corrected. An application needs to be submitted in lieu of “Application for Corrected Title Due to Name Change” or any other wrongly entered information along with all the required documents that includes your PII, Driver’s licence, Identification Card, or Permit, etc. Name, date of birth or any other wrongly entered detail including the request for MVA name change online Maryland can be done via online or offline forms as well.


In order to get a duplicate title in Maryland, there are multiple ways in which a request can be posted. If you are considering gifting a car to a family member in another state, once the request is posted and the application is registered, an individual should preserve their Maryland MVA registration copy for the further process. for the further process. It might take 7-10 working days for your title to get generated however for urgent requests, titles can be obtained within 1-2 days as well. A nominal fees of $20 is charged for the same however, there are differential charges for different requests under the same. Requests can be made under multiple circumstances and situations like MD drivers license from out of state, title for returning back to the jurisdiction, duplicate for lost or damaged title, etc. MV office also facilitates the requests for mva transfer title as gift, duplicate tags, issue, etc.

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