Minnesota Temporary License Plate (60-Day and 21-Day Permits)

When purchasing a vehicle in Minnesota or navigating certain vehicle-related transactions, you may find yourself in need of a temporary license plate or permit. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety provides different types of temporary permits to suit various needs and scenarios. Understanding the options available to you can ensure that your vehicle remains legal for road use while permanent registration is processed.

One commonly issued permit is the 60-day temporary permit, designed for new residents or those who have applied for special license plates. This permit offers an extended period of road legality and can be renewed once. For short-term use, 21-day permits are also available and are often used by dealers to provide immediate, temporary registration for vehicles sold on their lots. These permits must be displayed in place of where a permanent license tag would go, and they are specific to the vehicle to which they are issued.

Minnesota Temporary License Plates Overview

Your vehicle in Minnesota may be eligible for a temporary license plate if you are waiting for permanent plates or are in other specific situations that warrant temporary registration. Two primary types of temporary permits are available: a 60-day temporary permit and a 21-day temporary permit.

60-Day Temporary Permit

The 60-day temporary permit is designed for use when you need to legally use your vehicle while waiting for procurement of your permanent registration details. Specifically, if you’ve purchased a car and need to wait for title transfer or if your vehicle is undergoing state inspection, this permit ensures you remain compliant with state laws. To obtain this permit, you typically must provide proof of car insurance, vehicle purchase details, and a small fee.

21-Day Temporary Permit

Conversely, the 21-day temporary permit is targeted at Minnesota residents who are in an interim period after purchasing a vehicle from a dealer. This permit is not renewable and caters to all vehicle classes. Dealers are the ones who issue this temporary license, ensuring you can drive your newly acquired vehicle legally until your permanent plates arrive.

Application Process for Temporary Permits

When seeking a temporary license plate in Minnesota, you must adhere to specific eligibility criteria and furnish required documentation during the application process.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a temporary permit in Minnesota, you must be one of the following:

  • A Minnesota resident waiting for permanent license plates to arrive after purchasing a vehicle. In this case, you are entitled to a 21-day temporary permit.
  • A non-resident who has purchased a vehicle in Minnesota and requires a 31-day temporary permit to drive the vehicle to your state of residence.
  • An operator of commercial vehicles engaging in interstate transportation, under special circumstances requiring a temporary permit.

Required Documentation

The documentation you need to provide to obtain a temporary permit includes:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership: Typically, the vehicle title or bill of sale.
  • Valid identification: A driver’s license or other government-issued ID.
  • Application form: A completed application for a temporary permit specific to the type of vehicle and residency status.

Remember to always check the latest Minnesota Department of Public Safety guidelines for any updates to the process or documentation requirements.

Procedure To Get Temporary Permits In Minnesota

When you purchase a vehicle in Minnesota, you may need to obtain a temporary permit before receiving permanent license plates. This temporary permit allows you to drive legally while your application for permanent registration is processed. To acquire this permit, follow the outlined steps:

  1. Visit a Deputy Registrar Office: Locate your nearest Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrar’s office.
  2. Documentation: Bring the necessary documents, including proof of ownership, identification, and insurance.
  3. Apply for the Permit: Request the temporary permit suitable for your situation:
    • 21-Day Permit: Issued by Minnesota dealers to residents awaiting permanent plates.
    • 60-Day Permit: Generally for private sales, not provided through dealers.
    • 31-Day Permit: For non-residents who purchase a vehicle in Minnesota.
  4. Submit the Application: Fill out the required application form and pay any applicable fees. Fees are non-refundable.
  5. Affix the Permit: For the new style permits, affix it to the rear license plate holder of the vehicle.

Note: The 21-day and 60-day permits are not renewable. They are valid all classes of vehicles. For any updates or changes in the process, consult the Minnesota Department of Public Safety or a Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrar’s office. Remember to comply with all Minnesota traffic laws while using a temporary permit.

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