How To Reinstate A Suspended License In California (CA)

Without a valid driver’s License, you can’t operate a motor vehicle on California street roads or highways. According to an AAA Foundation study, approximately 10% of people don’t have a valid license. If you fail to obey traffic rules and road signals or have any offenses or convictions, the motor vehicle department or the California local court will suspend your driver’s License. You must follow all the guidelines of the California DMV to avoid license suspension and keep your License healthy.

How To Get A Suspended License Reinstated In California

Driver’s license cancellation is standard, mainly in California. The motor vehicle department is suspending thousands of licenses every year. This post will discuss why California DMV is suspending a License, the reason for the suspension, and how to reinstate a license in California.

The California DMV will send you a clear notice to everyone whose License is suspended, which includes:

  1. Pay the pending fees or fines to reinstate your suspended License.
  2. You must wait until the probation or suspension period ends to reinstate your driver’s License.
  3. Wait to reduce your points in the driving record.
  4. Also, complete the alcohol and drug education course.
  5. Qualify in the vision examination.

After reading the notice, you must visit the California DMV office and keep all the required documents to reinstate your License. There is no online system to reinitiate your License.

Why California DMV Suspend Your License

If you fail to follow traffic rules, have too many traffic violation points, or have serious convictions or physical or mental illness to drive a vehicle. In addition, sometimes the motor vehicle department will suspend your License if you have unpaid court fees.

You can apply for a license from CA DMV to reinstate your suspended License, but that suspension should be under criminal or alcohol-related offenses. Contact your Legal adviser to understand license suspension and reinstate your License.

How Long Does A Suspended License Stay On Your Record In California

You can’t say how long a suspended license stays on your record in California. The suspension removal depends on your driver’s record points. If you have more points on your driving record, you will need months to years to reinstate your driver’s License. Sometimes The CA DMV may suspend your driver’s License permanently. The California DMV will send you a notice to your address so make sure you given right address if you want to ca drivers license name change or address you can do by following this guide and mention the requirements to reinstate your suspended driver’s License. Contact your legal executive if you can’t understand why your License was suspended.

How much does it cost to reinstate your License in California?

The License reinstatement cost depends on your suspension type. Usually, California DMV will charge $51 to 125 for license reinstatement. In addition, you must pay a renewal fee when you want to reinstate your License. Sometimes CA DMV will charge $2000 to 3000 based on the severity of the conviction.

How To Pay CA DMV pay reinstatement fee online

Yes, you can pay the CA DMV reinstatement fee online. Visit the official website: Fill out the reissue form and follow all the instructions according to the California DMV mentioned on that webpage.

If I Pay My Reinstatement Fee, Will My License Still Be Suspended Ca

No, when you pay pending fees/fines after probation or suspension period, the California DMV will remove the suspension on your License, and you can renew your License. Read all the information on the notice sent by the California DMV.

New Law On Suspended License In California 2023

The California DMV is not sending notices to California DMV about the license suspension from Jan 1, 2023. But the motor vehicle department will share the license suspension status and other essential information on the notice or call.

What Happens If You Get Pulled Over With A Suspended License From A DUI

If your License is suspended under DUI, you should not drive a motor vehicle until the offense is removed. The motor vehicle department will inform you when your License is restored from the DUI offense. You can contact the DMV office to learn about the DUI suspension. See the contact number mentioned earlier in this post.

Can I Renew My Tags If My License Is Suspended In DMV California

You can’t renew your tags until the license suspension is removed. You can renew your tags when you don’t have any suspension on your driver’s License.

How Do I Know If My Registration Is Suspended California

Visit the California DMV office or call the DMV office’s voice service number to learn about your registration status. The motor vehicle department employees can check your details and give sufficient information about your suspended registration.

How To Get My License Back Without Paying California

You will need to prove your cause of license suspension. If you can’t prove your license suspension reason, you must pay the fines as per California DMV law.

CA DMV Suspended License Phone Number

California DMV has launched an automated voice call system that verifies your license details and suspension status. Submit your insurance, license number, and other required details to submit your details to CA DMV. Also, you book CA dmv appointment or you can visit the DMV office in person to learn about the suspended license status. After getting the information, you must follow all the instructions according to the California DMV.

Phone number: 18007770133


  1. Read all the information in the California driver’s license handbook.
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption when driving your vehicle.
  3. Drive your vehicle carefully if your driver’s record has points. The motor vehicle department will consider your record when you suspend your driver’s License.


The motor vehicle department will suspend the License if you cross the point limits in your driving record. License reinstatement depends on your suspension type. You must wait until the probation/suspended period completes to reinstate your driver’s License incase if you need guide for scheduling san jose ca dmv appointment visit this post. Read all the information carefully on the notice sent by California DMV. Also, you can call the voice service number to learn about your license suspension status and how do i reinstate my suspended license in ny article also there to know the details. If your License is suspended under DUI, you can’t operate a motor vehicle on California roads. If you have any doubts, ask us, and we will answer.

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