How To Reinstate My Driver’s License In Colorado

Have you lost your driver’s license due to a DUI, unpaid tickets, convictions, or theft? Do not worry; I am here to provide you with the best solutions to reinstate your driver’s license in Colorado. Fortunately, the Motor Vehicle Department in Colorado allows users to reinstate their licenses, and the process is simple. You must follow all instructions from the Colorado DMV and meet all the requirements to reinstate your driver’s license. In this post, I will guide you through the steps you need to take to reinstate your driver’s license in Colorado. These procedures will help you regain your driver’s license legally and safely.

You must know about your driver’s license suspension and why it was revoked or suspended. See the common reasons mentioned below. 

  • DWAI /DUI convictions
  • Pending traffic fines
  • Driving the vehicle without insurance
  • Contempt of the court
  • Too many points on your driving record

If you understand why your license was suspended or revoked, you can take the proper steps to reinstate your driver’s license.

How To Reinstate Your Colorado Driver’s License

You can reinstate your driver’s license online, by mail, and in person.

Reinstate your driver’s license online: After meeting all the requirements, you can visit the online tool to reinstate your driver’s license. 

How To Reinstate your license by mail In Colorado

Complete the reinstatement application:

After this, mail the application and money order for $95 and other requirements. You can mail the fee of $95 via check. Write your name, date of birth, and address clearly to avoid issues during the application processing, and send the application one month before the eligibility date.  

The motor vehicle department will process your request within 20 days if your request meets all the requirements. After processing your request successfully, the motor vehicle department will send the license to the address mentioned in your application. 

Reinstate Your Colorado Driver’s License In-Person

You can visit the full driver’s license service office to reinstate your driver’s license. Before visiting the office you can schedule co dmv appointment to avoid waiting, clear all the issues and pay fines. Bring all the required documents to the DMV office. The department employees will check your details and process your request to you reinstate your driver’s license.

Complete all requirements of the court and pay pending fines

If the license was revoked or suspended due to a court order, you must visit the court and complete all the requirements of the court. As well as pay all the pending fines. After this, you can take a step to reinstate your driver’s license.

License Suspended Due to Expired Insurance

If your license was suspended due to expired insurance, you must take SR-22 insurance to reinstate your driver’s license. Many insurance providers are offering this SR-22 insurance. 

Complete The Driver’s Education Course

If you want to reinstate your suspended or revoked license, you must take a driver’s education course to obtain your new license. The driver’s education course will teach you safe driving practices, road signs, and avoiding traffic violations. You must take a driver’s education course at the approved driver’s education provider. 

How to Pay Colorado DMV Reinstatement Fees

You must pay a reinstatement education fee to restore your license. The fee cost varies depending on the cause of suspension or revocation. When you meet all the requirements, the motor vehicle department will notify you of the fee details.

Get Your Driver’s License:

After completing all the requirements and paying the reinstatement fees, you must wait a few days to receive your driver’s license. The motor vehicle department will send the license through the mail. This process may take two to three weeks. After this, the motor vehicle department will send your license to the address that you mentioned in the reinstatement application.

Colorado DMV License Reinstatement Cost

The Colorado motor vehicle department will generally take $95 to reinstate your driver’s license. Sometimes the fee may vary depending on the type of suspension or revocation.

Colorado DMV reinstatement phone number

You can call the office phone number: 303-205-5613. The motor vehicle department will answer your call Monday to Friday, 8A.M to 5 P.M.

Colorado DMV Reinstatement Requirements

You must serve the revocation or suspension period to reinstate your driver’s license. The requirements depend on the reason for your revocation or suspension. I will suggest some general requirements below.

  • You must wait until your suspension or revocation period is completed.
  • Take SR-22 insurance. Usually, the motor vehicle department will suggest you this SR-22 insurance for financial responsibility.
  • Complete the driver’s education course and take the written and driving tests.
  • Pay the reinstatement fee.
  • Complete reinstatement application.
  • Keep all the supporting documents to submit to the DMV office.

How To Check If License Is Suspended Online Colorado

You can check if your license is suspended or not online. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the official website:
  2. Click the My DMV tab.
  3. If you have a username and password, log in to the dashboard or create a username and password to enter into the dashboard.
  4. On the dashboard, you can see several services offered by the Colorado DMV.
  5. Find the Driver’s License option to see your driver’s license status.
  6. Also, you can see how to reinstate your driver’s license in the DMV account.

If you have trouble accessing your DMV account or can’t find your driver’s license status, contact the DMV office directly or call 303-205-5613. The Colorado motor vehicle department will help you inform your driver’s license suspension status and guide you on reinstating your driver’s license.   


Reinstating a driver’s license in Colorado is a straightforward process. The Colorado DMV provides clear and accessible information regarding driver’s license suspensions or revocations on their official website. Additionally, individuals can easily contact their local DMV branch office for assistance with reinstating their driver’s license.

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