How To Schedule Appointment Florida DMV

Are you looking for Florida DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) services? You are in the right place. If you are a new Florida resident, you have to keep all the required documents to get DMV services in Florida. However, visiting the DMV in person can take up your entire day. Make an appointment online instead of visiting the DMV office directly. During the online appointment procedure, you can select your date and time, which shortens your wait time. I will provide some best tips for making a DMV appointment online.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is the office in charge of processing driver’s licenses and identification cards, along with related services. You can make a DMV appointment in three ways: 1) Online, 2) Phone Call, and 3) In-person. Among these methods, online appointment scheduling is the most convenient. You can easily schedule your appointment date and time online.

How To Make a Florida DMV Appointment Online

Making an online appointment is much simpler, saving your wait time. It would be best if you did follow the instructions mentioned below.

1). Got the official website of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department ( There you can see three tabs:

  • Driver’s license and ID cards
  • Motor Vehicles, tags, and Titles
  • Florida highway patrol 

2). Now Select “driver’s license or ID cards” or “Motor vehicles, tags, and titles.”

3). You can see these lists of information on both tabs. If you want a driver’s license, click on the “driver’s license” option. 

4). After this, select your local office that shows the list of services they offer. If the service you want to make an appointment for is unavailable in the list of offices, change the location and make an appointment. 

5). Now, the website redirects to another website ( for an appointment. Read all the instructions carefully and click on the “create an appointment” option.

6). Accept the terms and conditions and click the “Next” button.

7). On the next page, select your country and service type and select the appointment date. You can see a list of slots available on that page.

8). After this, enter your details and submit the application. 

9). The web page will generate a reference page. Keep it with you for further processing.

Florida DMV Appointment Number

You can make your appointment by phone, but you must wait a long time to get an appointment. Keep all the required documents with you while making an appointment by phone call. They will ask for your contact information, date of birth, city, social security number, title or identification number, etc. The Florida DMV allows customers Monday to Friday, 8A.M TO 5. P.M.

How To Get An Appointment In Person

You can schedule an appointment in person at any DMV office in Florida. You can find the office locations ( near you here. Make sure you have enough time to get an appointment because in-person visiting takes longer. You have to wait in the queue for a long time, but the DMV will give you a fast appointment due to possible urgency.

How To Get Florida DMV Written Test (Permit Test) Appointment

You can make your permit test appointment on the official website ( On the top of the website, click on the “Driver’s license and ID cards” option. It will show a list of services DMV provides for you. After this, click on the “make an appointment” option. 

  1. Open
  2. Click On Create An Appointment
  3. Choose a nearby DMV office location
  4. Then Select “Written Test Service” from the service list
  5. After this, choose the Time & Date from the available slots
  6. Then enter your information name, email, phone number, etc.
  7. Then click on Submit to book your appointment.

Read all the information in the Florida Driver License Handbook ( Additionally, you can take the practice test ( for Class E Knowledge.

In Florida, applicants for a learner’s license must complete the TLSAE course and pass the 50-question Class E Knowledge exam, answering at least 40 questions correctly. The exam covers traffic rules and driving safety, is available in several languages, and can be taken at approved third-party locations for those over 18.

Online Examination: Candidates must provide a Parent Protecting Form for online tests. Also, the form must be notarized or signed by the examiner. Your examination details are submitted automatically to the FLHSMV after passing the Class E knowledge exam through the third-party administrator.

Schedule Florida DMV License Renewal Appointment

License holders must renew their licenses every eight years. You can renew 18 months before your license expiration. 

You can renew your license on the DMV website, where you can see a list of services, including license renewal. Select your service and select your office. The webpage redirects to another website to make an appointment. 

  1. Open
  2. Click On Create An Appointment
  3. Choose a nearby DMV office location
  4. Then Select “License Renewal Service” from the service list
  5. Select available Time&Date in the slot booking calendar. 
  6. Then enter your information name, email, phone number, etc.
  7. Then click on Submit to book your appointment.

Schedule Florida DMV Vehicle Registration Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for vehicle registrations on the official website . Open the website and select your service. After this, the website shows you a list of locations where offices to make an appointment. You can choose your nearest DMV office for vehicle registration. 

  1. Open
  2. Click On Create An Appointment
  3. Choose a nearby DMV office location
  4. Then Select “Vehicle Registration Service” from the service list
  5.  Choose the Time & Date from available slots.
  6. Then enter your information, name, email, phone number, etc.
  7. Then click on Submit to book your appointment.

Ensure you bring all necessary documents, including a copy of your Florida vehicle title, for your vehicle registration appointment. The vehicle should have a valid registration to drive on Florida roads.

Initial Registration: 

You have to pay a $225 registration fee for the initial registration. Bring all the documents for your vehicle registration, such as proof of identity, Florida insurance, and other documents. 

How to Make Florida DMV Driver’s License Appointment 

The Florida DMV office is offering online appointments for driver’s licenses. Keep all the necessary documents with you, such as the date of birth certificate or passport, social security number, utility bill, and lease, while making an appointment. You can schedule an appointment by visiting the website. Follow the steps below to complete the appointment procedure.

  1. Open
  2. Click On Create An Appointment
  3. Choose the DMV location closest to you. 
  4. Select “Driver’s License Service” from the service list
  5. After that, Choose the Time & Date from the available slots.
  6. Enter your information name, email, phone number, etc.
  7. Then click on Submit to book your appointment.

How To Make Florida DMV License Plates Appointment

Your vehicle must have license plates to operate on Florida roads whether it’s temporary license plate florida or permanent. Bring all the documents with you while making an appointment on the DMV website. 

  1. Visit the official Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) website (, and select “Motor Vehicles Tags & Titles”.
  2. Click on “Make an appointment” to view a list of Florida offices
  3. Choose the nearest office providing license plate services and click “make an appointment”
  4. Read the instructions and click “create an appointment”
  5. Select your county, date, and service type, then click “Next”
  6. Fill in your personal details, contact number, and email address.
  7. After completing these steps, a reference page will be generated to confirm your appointment.
  8. Print or save this reference page to present at your DMV appointment.

Bring All the documents with you when you visit the DMV office. 

Best DMV Florida Offices Walk-In Hours

You don’t have to wait a long time in the DMV office if you manage the time. I will give the best times to visit the DMV office.

  • The DMV offices in Florida open 8A.M and close at 5 P.M., Monday to Friday.
  • Avoid lunch hours because the DMV leaves a few employees for services. Morning or evening hours are best for visiting the DMV office. 
  • Visit the DMV office in the middle of the week, Monday to Friday.
  • Make sure you have enough time if you have a road test. 

Required Documents To Visit DMV Florida Offices

You must carry some documents with you when visiting the DMV office in Florida.

  • Passport or date of birth certificate
  • Social security number
  • Utility bill or lease
  • Two documents to prove your Florida residency

DMV Florida Online Appointment Services List

Driver Licenses & ID Cards ServicesMotor Vehicles, Tags, and Titles Services
Driver’s licenses and ID cardsLiens and titles
Education and coursesLicense plates and car title copy
Driver license check and ID tracking systemPersonalized and specialty license plates
For commercial vehicle driversDealers, installers, manufacturers, distributors, and importers
Driver license handbookCommercial Vehicle Drivers and vessels
Florida visitorsName and update address on license florida
Driver recordMilitary and veterans information
Name and address changesDisabled person parking permits
New residentCover farm vehicles


I’ve included all the necessary information about Florida DMV appointments and office times in this post. If you’re curious about check points on my license in FL, you’ll find that information useful as well. Read all the details carefully before making an appointment. If you have any doubts or specific queries, please leave a comment for us.

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