How Do I Downgrade My CDL License to Regular in Florida?

Willing to downgrade your CDL licence to regular one, but not sure on how to go ahead with it? Well! You will now crack the code and easily get your licence downgraded, even digitally. Yes! By just filling in the form and following a step-by-step process, you can easily get to downgrade your CDL licence to regular one in Florida. So, next time you have a query on how can I downgrade my CDL online Florida! You already have an answer.

How to Change CDL to Regular License in Florida Online

Well! If you need an assistance over, how do I change my Florida CDL license to regular, here are the things to follow for changing your CDL licence to regular one via online means. All you got to do is follow these steps and you can surely get to downgrade your licence-

  1. Visit the official website of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles  and down load the downgrade CDL licence form. 
  2. Enter the relevant details and upload the same on the website. 
  3. Edit and Sign your form.
  4. Pay the renewal fees.
  5. Save the changes and share the CDL downgrade to class C and submit the form and you process is complete. 

Use digital signatures, e-Certificates, etc. to complete the form and process the final submission. 

What Are the Florida Requirements to Change CDL to Regular?

In order to downgrade from a commercial licence to a regular one in Florida, a few criterions need to be met. Here are the factors that need to be fulfilled before applying and also getting a valid heads up, after submission.

  1. At first, the individual applying for the downgrade must hold a valid CDL licence in Florida and it should be in active state. If the status is inactive, there are fair chances of getting rejected. If, during this process, you find yourself in need of a duplicate document, such as a car title copy in Florida, ensure to obtain it promptly to avoid any delays in the processing of your request.
  2. Secondly, the reason of downgrade request needs to be validated. For example, if there is a medical condition, the condition must be validated through the required certificates under different categories. However, for any other reason, a valid proof needs to be submitted. 
  3. The entire licence renewal fees must be paid in advance to get your request processed.
  4. Make sure all other documents including the previous licence, tag, ID proofs, driving history, etc. needs to be clean and well formulated. 

With these things in hand, you can easily apply for the downgrade or change. if you are looking to change out-of-state license to Florida, ensure to obtain it promptly to avoid any delays in the processing of your request.

How Much Does It Cost to Change CDL to Regular in FL

As far as the cost required to change CDL to regular license FL is concerned, the fees are similar to what is charged for renewal of the licence. Please check the official website, before applying.

Will My CDL Be Suspended if I Fail a Drug Test

If one fails in the DOT drug test, and get detected of any of the drugs, it is a sensitive matter. Commercial drivers need to be very sensitive towards these. In case of failing the test, drivers are removed from very sensitive duties leading to revoked CDL licence or suspension for a while. Based on your employer’s policies, a driver might even lose their employment due to failed drug test.

Can I Switch Back to a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) After Switching to a Regular License?

To switch back to a CDL license from a regular license, you must wait for 3 years. Follow the same process as your initial CDL application. Submit all required documents, medical certificates, and fees. Undergo the necessary CDL skills tests and exams to obtain a learner’s permit first, then your CDL license. If you encounter difficulties during this process, like needing a hardship license, inquire about and apply for one in Florida to help with the transition back to a CDL

Can I Get My CDL Back After Downgrade Florida

If you are wondering on, can I get my CDL back after downgrade in FL! Well! The answer to this is YES! But you will have to undergo the entire process all over again. Right from fresh application to fees and documentation, including any requirements for Florida drivers license reinstatement, everything needs to be in place to get your CDL back.


This is all about downgrading and getting back your CDL licence in Florida. Obtaining a commercial licence comes with a  lot of responsibility, so one should be vigilant and responsive for the same. However, if you willingly wish to get a degrade, you can go ahead with the same following a simple process but, to get the licence back, one needs to wait for a period of 3 years and then re-apply.