Nevada Temporary License Plate (30-Day Temp Tag)

In Nevada, securing a temporary license plate is a quite simple process that allows you to legally operate your vehicle while awaiting permanent registration. If you’ve recently purchased a car, especially if it’s not yet registered in your name, you have the option to obtain a 30-day temporary movement permit. This permit serves as a temporary solution and is often utilized when the transfer of ownership is in process or when a vehicle is not immediately eligible for permanent plates.

You can apply for this permit online through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website by creating or logging into a MyDMV account. Once in the system, selecting the “Temporary Movement Permit – Non-Registered Vehicle” option will get you started. This service is designed to be cost-effective, with fees as low as $1, ensuring that compliance with vehicle registration requirements is accessible. It’s important to note that temporary license plates, sometimes referred to as tags, are different from temporary movement permits and are typically issued by the dealership where the vehicle is purchased.

Nevada Temporary License Plate Overview

In Nevada, temporary license plates enable you to legally operate your vehicle while awaiting permanent registration. These tags are particularly crucial if you’ve recently bought a vehicle and need to use it immediately.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a temporary license plate in Nevada, you must:

  • Have purchased a new or used vehicle from a dealer or a private party.
  • Require the use of the vehicle before receiving a permanent registration.

Please note that Nevada dealers are usually responsible for issuing temporary tags for new vehicles.

Application Process

To apply for a temporary license plate in Nevada, you’ll need to:

  • Visit a Nevada DMV office, or if applicable, your vehicle dealer will handle this process on your behalf.
  • Present the required documents, which generally include proof of car insurance, a bill of sale, and a valid identification.

The Nevada DMV also issues temporary movement permits allowing the operation of an unregistered vehicle.

Fees & Costs

The fees for a temporary license plate in Nevada include:

  • A nominal fee, which as per available information, may be as low as $1 for temporary movement permits.

The exact fee for the 30-day temporary license plate may differ and should be confirmed with the Nevada DMV or authorized car dealer.

How To Get 30-Day Temporary Tags in Nevada

If you recently purchased a vehicle or are awaiting permanent registration in Nevada, obtaining a 30-day temporary tag is a critical step to ensure legal compliance when driving on public roads.

Required Documentation

To get a 30-day temporary tag, you must provide:

  • Proof of Insurance: Current and valid vehicle insurance coverage.
  • Bill of Sale: Documentation showing the vehicle purchase, including the date and price.
  • Identification: A valid driver’s license or state identification card.
  • Application: A completed application form for a temporary movement permit.

Issuance Procedure

You should follow these steps to obtain a 30-day temporary tag:

  1. Visit a DMV Office: Go to your local Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.
  2. Submit the Required Documents: Provide the documentation listed above at the DMV.
  3. Payment of Fees: Pay the applicable fee, which is typically between $1 and $8.25 per day.

The Nevada DMV also allows for the online purchase of a 30-day permit for unregistered vehicles.

Renewal and Expiration Policy

  • Validity Period: The temporary tag is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • No Extensions: Nevada does not offer extensions on temporary tags. After expiration, you must have either received your permanent plates or refrain from driving the vehicle until permanent registration is complete.
  • New Permit Required: If your permanent registration is delayed, you must apply for another temporary permit and pay the applicable fees again.

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