How To Make DMV Appointment NYC (New York)

Are you looking to schedule a DMV appointment in New York? You have to consider some regulations according to the New York DMV if you are a new resident. You must keep your vehicle and driver’s documents in order before scheduling an appointment at the DMV. As well you have to process some paperwork also.

The department of motor vehicles (DMV) is the New York government office. It processes driver’s licenses, vehicle registration, Real ID, renewal driver’s license, and other relevant services. 

Instead of visiting the DMV office physically, the department of motor vehicles in New York offers online scheduling to the applicants. It is the best opportunity for everyone looking for a DMV appointment in New York. You don’t need to wait hours in the DMV office for your driver’s license appointment and other DMV-related services.  

How To Make DMV NYC Appointment Online

You can make a reservation on the official website of DMV New York. You have to select the DMV office nearest to you. I will give you step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Open the website (
  2. There you can see the “Make a New Reservation” option. Click on it.
  3. It will move to the next page to obtain some additional details.
  4. Select your location in the dropdown list of the webpage.(Example: dmv niagara falls ny)
  5. And Select the service that you want to get from the DMV And Select the Date and Time
  6. Then click on next and enter your first name, last name, email id, and phone number, then click on “Reserve.”

NYC DMV Appointment Number 

Instead of making an online reservation, schedule your appointment by calling the official DMV number. However, it would help if you waited a long time while making an appointment. 

New York DMV Appointment Number: (518) 402-2100 

How To Get Same Day DMV New York Appointment

DMV has two options if you need same day dmv appointment new york. You can try to get a same-day appointment by showing up at the DMV office when it opens. If there are no appointments available, you can also sign up for the standby list and you get your driver license, or real id etc service done. This means you will wait to take the place of someone who doesn’t show up for their appointment. However, wait times can be long and it’s not guaranteed how long you will have to wait .

Schedule NYC DMV Permit Test Appointment 

Before getting a driver’s license, you must take a Learner’s license permit. The DMV conducts written a test about traffic rules and signals otherwise you could loose points on license in ny. If you pass the written test, they will give a learner’s permit to you. You can schedule a coney island dmv appointment online and for other cities using same steps in NY.

  1. Open this URL (
  2. Then Click On the “Make a New Reservation” option.
  3. Now Choose “Location” & In-Service Place Choose “Permit Test,” then choose “Time & Date.”
  4. After that, Enter “First Name” and “Last Name,” “Email ID” and “Phone Number,” then Click On “Reserve.”

Schedule Nyc Dmv Road Test Appointment 

Your age must be over 18, and you will have a learner’s permit to schedule the albany ny road test in the New York DMV and all the cities in New York. You have to complete two road tests for the non-commercial driver’s license and pay $10 for these tests. If you failed the previous test, you could take another road by paying $10 for two road tests. If you are trying to get a commercial vehicle license, you must pay $40 for the road test once you done then you can make appointment at dmv buffalo ny very easily by following below guide.

Note: The fees cannot refund if you fail to attend the test. 

  • Open this URL (
  • Then Click On the “Make a New Reservation” option.
  • Now Choose “Location” & In-Service Place Choose “Permit Test,” then choose “Time & Date.”
  • After that, Enter “First Name” and “Last Name,” “Email ID” and “Phone Number,” then Click On “Reserve.”

What Are The Requirements For Road Test Schedule

  1. Learner’s permit 
  2. Pre-licensing course certificate (MV-278) or student certificate (MV-285). If you complete this course online, you don’t need to show the certificate to the DMV. 
  3. Note: The certificate will be sent to the DMV by the course provider automatically.
  4. Zip code of the road test location (Not your location, you have to select the road test location provided by the DMV)

How To Get NYC Dmv Real ID Appointment

From the 3rd of May 2023, you must carry a real ID when you travel on flights (within the united states). Also, real ID is required to enter military bases and federal buildings.  

  1. Go To the DMV official website ( 
  2. Click on the Make a reservation.
  3. Select your location and the date, and choose the “Real ID” option.
  4. After this, it will move to the next page, where you must provide your personal information.

Required documents: 

  • Previous license
  • Identity card
  • Passport or date of birth certificate. 

Note: if you don’t have a previous license or ID card issued by the New York DMV, go to the office after scheduling an appointment. 

How To Schedule A Written Test DMV NYC

Before getting the Learner’s license permit, you must complete your written test. Take a course about traffic rules and regulations. You can schedule dmv brooklyn appointment for your written test in the New York DMV and for other cities in this state. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open this URL (
  2. Then Click On the “Make a New Reservation” option.
  3. Now Choose “Location” & In-Service Place Choose “Written Test,” then choose “Time & Date.”
  4. After That, Enter “First Name” and “Last Name,” “Email ID” and “Phone Number,” then Click On “Reserve.”

After scheduling the DMV appointment got to the DMV office. They will examine you. You have to answer 80% of the questions correctly. After passing the knowledge test, you will get the Learner’s permit. You can get a lot of information around the web about the USA traffic rules and regulations, or you can take a miniature course from online course providers. Age limit: 16-18 Years.

Note: you have to pay fees to DMV New York for the written test. If you failed the written test, you have to schedule an appointment for a written test at the DMV website. 

How To Get a Nyc DMV Non-Driver ID Appointment

You can apply for a non-driver’s license at the New York DMV if you don’t drive a car or other vehicles. You must bring your passport or date of birth when applying for a Non-driver ID Appointment and if want monroe dmv driving test details then visit the separate post on that state there we mentioned everything.

Go to the website and follow the Instructions Below.

  • Open this URL (
  • Then Click On the “Make a New Reservation” option.
  • Now Choose “Location,” & In-Service Place, Choose “Non-Driver ID,” then choose “Time & Date.”
  • After That, Enter “First Name” and “Last Name,” “Email ID” and “Phone Number,” then Click On “Reserve.”

How To Get NYC DMV License Renewal Appointment

You can get an appointment for your renewed driver’s license. Go to the website and fill out the application online and for yonkers dmv road test visit here. The website will generate a reference ID for further processing.

  • Open this URL (
  • Then Click On the “Make a New Reservation” option.
  • Now Choose “Location” & In-Service Place Choose “License Renewal,” then choose “Time & Date.”
  • After That, Enter “First Name” and “Last Name,” “Email ID” and “Phone Number,” then Click On “Reserve.”

Required Documents To Visit DMV NYC Offices

The United States and every country worldwide ask for some required documents when issuing government-authorized certificates or Identity cards. According to the New York DMV, you need to submit some documents mentioned below.

  • Passport or date of birth certificate or proof of US citizenship
  • Social security Number 
  • At least two documents must confirm your residencies, such as the utility bill and lease. 
  • Recent photo 
  • If you are a resident of the USA, you need to provide your school certificate. 

Best Times To Visit DMV In The New York City

You have to consider the times when booking an appointment at the DMV. I will give some suggestions to follow them.

  • Visiting earlier than the afternoon is the best way to complete your work quickly. 
  • Visit DMV in the middle of the week, Monday and Friday.
  • Adjust your time when you have a road test at the DMV.

How To Reschedule Or Cancel DMV NYC Appointment

You can reschedule or cancel your reservation on the DMV website ( After your schedule, you will get the reference number for further processing. On the reference page, you can see your appointment timings, details, sequence number, etc. 

On the reservation-making page, you can see the cancel or reschedule option. Click on the option and provide the required information to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

Dmv NYC Online Appointment Services List

  1. Number registration/ Number plates
  2. CDL license /After passing the CDL road test
  3. NY non-driver ID
  4. Real ID/Renew ID
  5. Renewal of commercial vehicle license
  6. Change information on the photo ID
  7. Name changes on the Photo document
  8. Restore Suspended License
  9. Change name on non-renewal
  10. Apply For a restricted license
  11. Select your requirement in the list
  12. Select your date and time
  • After this, it will ask you about your personal information, such as your Name, Email, and phone number
  • Finally, click the reserve button to get an appointment.
  • The web page will generate a reference copy for further processing.

Bring the reference page and a hard copy when you enter the DMV office even you make rochester dmv appointment in New York, An appointment-only reservation system allows people to complete their transactions that failed by phone, mail, or online.


You can book your DMV appointment in New York online or by phone or email. If you have all the required documents, your wait time will be shorter before taking the road test practice well yourself. Also, read all the traffic rules and regulations before taking the written test incase you looking for dmv appointment syracuse ny please go though this post. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment online, by phone, or by email. The online reservation is better than the physical visit. I added all the required information about New York DMV in this post. If you have any doubts, leave a comment for us.

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