How To Make DMV Appointment Rochester NY

You must schedule DMV Rochester Ny appointments for road tests, learner’s permits, and title registrations. A few services can be done at the DMV office without needing an appointment, but a reset of the services requires an appointment in Rochester Ny.

The department of motor vehicles has developed an dmv schedule appointment new york tool to speed up paperwork and reduce customers’ wait time. Anyone can make an appointment on the official website or by phone call. However, Rochester DMV appointment scheduling is the best option over a phone call because you will need to wait a long time on the phone until they pick up your call. This post will tell you how to make a New York DMV appointment online and for niagara falls dmv road test visit here.

How To Do I Schedule DMV Appointment Rochester Ny

  1. Visit the New York motor vehicles official website ( to make a DMV Rochester appointment.
  2. After this, select Monroe County and click the “Show offices” button.
  3. The page will show “Rochester (Downtown).” Click the “Monroe County DMV link
  4. After this, the page will redirect to another website: . Here click the “Schedule Appointment” tab. It will redirect the appointment-scheduling tool.
  5. Here select the Rochester (Downtown) branch office.
  6. After that, select the desired service you want to schedule an appointment.
  7. Now select “Date and Time” using the appointment calendar.
  8. Enter your name, email address, and phone number.
  9. Finally, accept the terms and conditions and click “CREAT AN APPOINTMENT.”

Print the scheduled appointment copy and attach all the identification documents to visit the Rochester Ny DMV branch office and this can be applicable for yonkers dmv appointment and other cities too.

DMV Identification Documents For Rochester NY Appointment

  • Proof of identity: social security card
  • Date of birth: School certificate or U.S.A certificate.
  • Two residency proofs: utility bill, bank statement, or Insurance policy.

Note: Before scheduling an appointment, complete the required service application and visit the DMV branch office 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to finish your work quickly.

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