Washington Temporary License Plate (60-Day Tags & 30-Day Permits)

In Washington State, temporary licensing allows unlicensed vehicles on roads. Options include a 60-day temporary license plate for new vehicle purchases, especially out-of-state, and a 30-day trip permit for unregistered vehicles or short-term use. A 3-day trip permit is also available for brief needs like driving tests. Dealers can issue temporary plates directly, making the process secure and compliant with state regulations.

Washington Temporary License Plate Overview

Temporary license plates in Washington State provide a legal means for you to operate your vehicle before receiving permanent plates. Understanding the process and meeting eligibility requirements is essential for obtaining these plates.

Issuance Process

To initiate the process of acquiring a temporary license plate in Washington, you must apply at a Washington vehicle licensing office. Once your application is approved, they will issue you a temporary license plate that is typically valid for up to 60 days from the date of application. This period allows you to use your vehicle legally while waiting for permanent plates.

Eligibility Requirements

For obtaining a temporary license plate or permit in Washington, you must:

  • Ensure the vehicle is currently unlicensed or the transaction type requires a new license plate.
  • Apply for the temporary license plate within a specific time frame from the date of vehicle purchase.
  • Be aware that different types of vehicles, such as RVs or out-of-state purchases, may have specific eligibility criteria.

Temporary permits, such as the 30-day trip permit, allow operation of an unlicensed vehicle for a period of 30 days. Meanwhile, the printable 3-day trip permit offers a shorter duration and may typically be used for specific purposes such as driving the vehicle to a prearranged inspection.

How To Get 60 Day Temporary Tag in Washington

In Washington State, if you purchase a vehicle and need time to obtain permanent license plates, a 60-day temporary license plate is essential for legally driving on public roads.

Step 1: Application Procedure

To apply for a 60-day temporary tag in Washington, visit a vehicle licensing office in person. You must provide:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • A valid photo ID
  • Payment for the temporary tag fee

Note: The exact documentation required may vary based on your specific situation or if the vehicle is from out-of-state.

Step 2: Usage Regulations

Your 60-day temporary tag:

  • Must be affixed to the rear of the vehicle where the permanent license plate would normally be located
  • Is only valid for 60 days from the date of issue
  • Cannot be renewed or extended; you must receive your permanent plates before the temporary tag expires

Remember: Driving with an expired temporary tag can result in fines and penalties. Make sure to follow the usage regulations strictly to remain compliant with Washington State law.

How To Get 30 Day Trip Permit in Washington State

In Washington State, you can obtain a 30-day trip permit that allows you to drive an unlicensed vehicle legally on public roads. This is particularly useful if the vehicle’s tabs are expired or if you’ve recently purchased a vehicle and need time to process its licensing.

Obtaining a Trip Permit

You can acquire a trip permit for $33 per permit, with a limit of up to three permits in any 30-day period. This permit can be obtained for any one vehicle that is unlicensed. To secure this permit, you must visit a Washington vehicle licensing office with the necessary documentation for your vehicle. There, after your application is approved, a permit will be generated for you to use immediately.

Required documentation likely includes:

  • Proof of ownership or lease
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Proof of insurance

Permit Conditions and Limitations

The trip permit has specific conditions and limitations:

  • Vehicles that qualify: Almost any vehicle, including motor homes, travel trailers, camp trailers, and campers. Vehicles typically prohibited include those that are non-highway or not roadworthy.
  • Usage limit: You can only use up to three permits for one vehicle within a 30-day period.
  • Display requirements: The permit should be displayed on the vehicle where a license plate would normally be located.
  • Non-renewable: These permits are not a renewal option for expired vehicle tabs.

Remember to keep the permit visible and adhere to its limitations to ensure compliance with Washington state laws.

Printable Permits and Templates

In Washington State, you have access to various printable permits and templates online, designed for different temporary vehicle-related needs, such as 3-day trip permits or 60-day temporary tags.

3 Day Trip Permit Template Access

In Washington, when your vehicle is unlicensed, you can obtain a printable 3-day trip permit through the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) website. You are allowed up to three permits in a 30-day period for any one vehicle. For recreational vehicles (RVs), up to two permits can be issued in a 1-year span.

Validity and Compliance

Your 3-day trip permit is only valid for the period printed on the permit, not exceeding three consecutive days. When using the permit, ensure you display it properly on the inside of the rear window or other location clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle. For the 60-day temporary tag, you must apply at a Washington vehicle licensing office and ensure you adhere to all the state regulations for the tag to remain valid. Use these temporary permits in strict compliance with Washington State laws to avoid penalties.

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