Guide to Acquiring Temporary Tag In Kansas

In the state of Kansas, acquiring temporary tags is a quite simple process essential for the legal operation of a vehicle when permanent plates are pending. Upon the purchase of a vehicle, you may obtain a temporary tag, which is valid for a stipulated period, to allow for the legal use of the vehicle on public roads. This temporary registration acts as a placeholder until your permanent registration is processed and official license plates are issued.

You can procure a 60-day temporary permit if you have recently purchased a vehicle and The temporary tag authorizes you to drive the vehicle for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. For specific situations such as a one-day permit, Kansas provides a legal framework under KSA 8-198, which covers circumstances requiring short-term vehicle use. This is particularly useful for instances where a vehicle needs to be moved but doesn’t require a longer-term tag solution.

Documentation Needed For Temp Tag In Kansas

For securing a 1-day temporary vehicle tag or a 60-day tag online in Kansas, these items are crucial:

  • picture or a copy of the front and back of the vehicle title; ensure the title is completely filled out.
  • Proof that you possess and maintain financial security for the vehicle as mandated by Kansas law.
  • A statement certifying all existing liens and encumbrances (if applicable) are accurately listed on the application.

For a one-day permit (KSA 8-198), the documentation may be slightly different. Please check the specific requirements with Kansas Department of Revenue or local county treasurers’ offices.

Get 30 Day Temporary Tag In Kansas

In Kansas, if you’ve recently purchased a vehicle and need to operate it before obtaining permanent registration, you may apply for a temporary tag. Notably, Kansas offers a 60-day temporary permit, but does not provide a 30-day temporary tag option. The 60-day temporary tag serves as a temporary registration until the permanent one is issued.

If you are in immediate need of a tag to move a vehicle within Kansas for a purpose such as a sale or repair and cannot use the 60-day permit, you might consider a One Day Permit as defined under KSA 8-198.

Remember, while Kansas does not issue a specific 30-day temporary tag, the above options should adequately cover your temporary registration needs. Always check with the Kansas Department of Revenue or your local motor vehicle office for the most current information and details on fees and procedures.

How to Get a 60-Day Tag Online in Kansas

When you purchase a new vehicle in Kansas, you can apply for a 60-day temporary tag to legally drive your vehicle until you receive your permanent registration. Here’s how you go about obtaining that online.

Step 1: Verify Eligibility: Ensure the vehicle was newly purchased and Confirm that no prior temporary tag was issued for your vehicle.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents: Have the title of the vehicle, which needs to be signed over to you and Prepare a proof of insurance for the vehicle. If applicable, obtain a notarized lien release.

Step 3: Access the Online Portal: Navigate to the relevant county’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website where the online services are provided.

Step 4: Complete Application: Fill out the necessary details in the 60-Day Permit Application form and Double-check all entered information for accuracy to avoid delays.

Step 5: Payment: Calculate the required fee, which is typically a standard rate and Make the payment using the approved online methods such as credit card or electronic check.

Step 6: Submit and Print: Upon successful submission of your application and payment, print out the temporary tag.

Remember to place this tag in the designated area of your vehicle. The 60-day period starts from the vehicle purchase date, so ensure you use this time to complete your permanent vehicle registration. For more detailed information or assistance, the local Kansas DMV offices are available for guidance.

Kansas One Day Permit KSA 8-198

In Kansas, the one day permit recognized under KSA 8-198 provides a convenient option for situations requiring temporary vehicle registration. This permit is explicitly designed for short-term use and is governed by Kansas state law.

Acquisition Process:

  1. Assess the need for a one-day permit considering your vehicle’s registration status and intended use.
  2. Contact your local tag office or the Kansas Division of Vehicles to inquire about the application process for the one-day permit.

Display Requirements: Upon issuance, ensure the temporary registration is clearly displayed on your vehicle as per state regulations.

Eligibility and Use:Duration and Limitations:
Primarily intended for Kansas registered farm trucks.Valid for a period not to exceed 30 days from the date of issuance.
Permits the hauling of grain or chopped forage.There is a limitation of 6 permits per vehicle within a 12-month span.
Only valid for intrastate commerce travel.

Types Of Tags and Fees

Different temporary tag types have varied fee structures:

  • 30-day temporary tag: If you have newly acquired a vehicle, you can obtain a 30-day temporary tag to provide time for completing the vehicle inspection and registration. This tag allows you to operate your vehicle while gathering the necessary documentation for a full registration.

Fee: Expect to pay a fee, which varies by the type of permit and the vehicle. Consult with the local county treasurer’s office for the exact amount.

  • 60-day temporary tag: In some circumstances, you might be eligible for a 60-day tag, which can also be requested online through the Kansas Department of Revenue’s electronic services. This provides an extended period, benefiting those who need more time for registration or are awaiting arrival of out-of-state documentation.

Fee: Similar to the 30-day tag, a fee is applicable. You can often process this online, including payment.

  • One-day permit (KSA 8-198): There is a fee, the amount is available through the Kansas Department of Revenue or local county treasurers.

Payment methods typically include: Cash, Check and Credit/debit cards: These may include convenience fees.

Important Considerations:

This permit should not be confused with the 60-day temporary registration, which can be obtained for different circumstances. The process and regulations are subject to change, so it is crucial to refer to the latest guidelines from Kansas State Legislature or your local tag office for the most current information. When planning for the temporary use of your vehicle, make sure to adhere to the One Day Permit requirements to ensure compliance with Kansas state laws.

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