How Do I Change Where My Car Is Garaged In Virginia?

You must change your garaging address and insurance policy details when moving to a new Virginia address. Where you park your car is your garaging address and location. Suppose your garaging address is not in use. That affects your insurance premiums. Fortunately, Virginia DMV allows you to change your garaging address.

How To Change Garage Jurisdiction Virginia Online

The motor vehicle department in Virginia allows you to change garage jurisdiction online. You don’t need to visit the office in person or no need to make an appointment if you want to change your garage jurisdiction online. While processing your application online, you must present your new residency proof, vehicle registration, driver’s license, and other supporting documents. This process is straightforward and complete with simple steps. 

  1. Visit the Department of motor vehicle official website: 
  2. Find the “ONLINE SEVICES” option. 
  3. Under this section, select “VEHICLE SERVICES.”
  4. After this, select “Change garage address” in the list of services.
  5. Enter the required information, including the vehicle identification number.
  6. Review your details carefully and pay the fee through your debit or credit card.

After this, the motor vehicle website will send a confirmation email to you.

Update Your Insurance Policy

If you want to change your garaging address, you must update your new address on your insurance policy. Contact your insurance provider and inform them about your new address. The insurance company will ask for your new address proof, driver’s license, and VIN of your vehicle to update your new garaging address. The insurance premium varies based on your new address. You must read all the information on your insurance policy and the terms and conditions.

Update Your Car Registration

Update your vehicle registration after updating your new garaging address on your insurance policy. You must visit the DMV office in your location and present them with your updated insurance policy. You may need an appointment to visit the dmvnow appointment, or you can call the customer support number to schedule an appointment visit the DMV office. Provide your car registration documents, new residency proof, and identity proof to the DMV office to change the address on your car registration. You may need to pay a fee to change your registration in DMV Virginia.

Update Your Driver’s License

After updating your insurance and car registration address, you must change your driver’s license address. The address-changing procedure can be done online, in person, and by phone. However, you must complete the address changing form and present the supporting documents to the motor vehicle department. If you didn’t change your address on your driver’s license, the insurance provider might not claim your insurance, affecting your vehicle’s financial responsibility. 

Can You Change Garage Jurisdiction In VA?

Yes, it is possible. When you want to move to a new address, you must change garage jurisdiction in Virginia. As mentioned earlier in this article, the process can be done online and by visiting the DMV office. You must present supporting documents and pay a fee to change your garage jurisdiction in Virginia. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to understand how driving points work in Virginia as these points can influence your driving record and insurance rates.

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