How Do I Get a Temporary License Plate & Tags in Virginia? 

Suppose you are moved to Virginia, and the vehicle is not registered in Virginia, or you are planning to purchase a vehicle or have your vehicle that is not registered. In that case, you must obtain a permit (Temporary license plate (Tag)) in Virginia. With this permit, you can drive your vehicle on state roads until you register your vehicle.

However, the permit expires, and you may need to renew it in specific circumstances. You must get permanent registration before the vehicle permit expires. Virginia has the perfect permit for you. The Standard Trip Permit is designed for vehicle owners who want to move their unregistered vehicles between locations, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. On the other hand, Buying a vehicle requires a Prospective Purchase Trip Permit.

How to Get a Temporary Tag (Permit) in Virginia

There are two types of temporary tags available, which you can obtain online by visiting the official website of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Department. The “Standard Trip Permit” allow you to operate a motor vehicle from one location to another without registration in Virginia. The “Prospective Purchase” trip permit is necessary when buying a used or new vehicle in Virginia.

Here are the steps to obtain a “Standard Trip Permit” and a Prospective Purchase” Trip Permit.

  • Visit the Virginia motor vehicle website: the instruction carefully and click the “Continue” button.
  • Enter the customer number and your name as it is printed on your driver’s license or ID card. 
  • After this, select “Own the vehicle” or “Plan to Purchase the vehicle.” Click the “Submit” button to complete further steps to obtain a temporary tag online. 

If you can’t print the temporary tag on your computer, you can visit any customer service centre to obtain your vehicle’s temporary tags.

Why You Should Obtain Temporary Tags

You must have a temporary tag when you operate a motor vehicle on the Virginia state roads. After getting a temporary tag, your vehicle is eligible for permanent registration. As well as you can move a location to another location using this temporary tag. Your vehicle should have a temporary tag when you take your vehicle for inspection. In addition, you can apply for a temporary tag if you want to purchase a vehicle. 

What are The requirement To Get Temporary Tag In Virginia

  • You must be a Virginia State resident.
  • The vehicle must be listed in the Virginia records.
  • Pay the temporary tag fee of $5
  • Sale bill of the Vehicle for Prospective Purchase Trip Permit
  • Mention from location and to location in the application.
  • Travelling dates
  • You must have insurance, or you need to pay $41.67 for the uninsured motor vehicle. 
  • The Uninsured motor vehicle payment is valid for up to 30 days. If you want additional permits during these 30 days, you don’t need to pay additional payments. 
  • The Standard Trip Permit is valid for three days only. 

How to Get 30 Days Temporary Tags in Virginia

Vendor-operate software allows the dealers to send owner and vehicle details to the Virginia DMV electronically for the temporary tags. This software generates a unique temporary tag number and expiration date, allowing dealers to print this temporary tag that is valid for five days. 

These temporary tags contain all the information about the vehicle and dealer. In addition, a temporary registration card is printed on the same sheet, handed over to the owner, and placed in the vehicle. The Virginia DMV keeps records of the vehicle information and temporary tag expiration date accessible to law enforcement through the Virginia Criminal Information Network.

Dealers are required to pay a fee for issuing temporary tags. The cost is $3 for each set of 30-day temporary tags for motorcycles and $1.50 for each 5-day temporary transport tag for cars. Dealers can also reprint tags at no additional charge. This system keeps track of the number of temporary tags issued by each dealer, and payments can be conveniently made to the DMV through the vendor.

How Long Should I Use Carry Temporary Tag in Virginia

The temporary tags have a limited time. Before expiring these tags, you need to complete the necessary work using these tags. The Temporary tag allows you to operate the motor vehicle to obtain permanent registration. You can use these temporary tags to operate the motor vehicle for three days. If you want to run a motor vehicle for over three days, you must apply for another temporary permit. Leaving this temporary tag on your vehicle for too long leads to fines and is considered an offence. 

Can I Operate A Motor Vehicle Without Tag?

No, you should not operate a motor vehicle without tags in Virginia, according to the DMV law. As we mentioned above, you must have a temporary tag called a permit to operate a motor vehicle from one location to another location and need to pay the necessary fee to obtain this permit. If you drive a motor vehicle on Virginia roads without tags, you need to pay fines to the Virginia DMV.

What Happened if I Use Fake Temporary Tag in Virginia

Using a fake tag on your vehicle is illegal in Virginia. If you adhere fake tag on your vehicle, the motor vehicle department of Virginia can take severe actions, and you need to pay fines. In some cases, the Virginia DMV may suspend your driving privileges.

Conclusion: Getting a temporary (Permit) is the easiest process that is made online with a few simple steps, as mentioned earlier in this post. However, you must provide all the necessary documents, including insurance. If you don’t have liability insurance, you need to pay an additional fee to obtain a temporary tag in Virginia. If you can’t print the temporary tag on your computer, you can visit any services centre in Virginia to get your temporary tag. 

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