How to Get Wisconsin Temporary Plates Online

Obtaining temporary license plates in Wisconsin is now an easy online task. Necessary for legal driving, these plates allow time for permanent registration. Complete the MV2505 form and provide a proof of purchase to apply. This online option from the Wisconsin DMV streamlines the process, bridging the gap between vehicle ownership and permanent registration, without visiting a DMV office. Convenient and time-saving, it’s an accessible way to ensure compliance with state vehicle laws from home.

Step To The Application Process Of Wisconsin Temporary Plate

Obtaining a temporary license plate in Wisconsin is a straightforward online process. You will need to complete an application, provide the required documentation, and pay the relevant fees.

Online Application Steps

To begin the process, you’ll need to access the MV1 – Online Application. Through the online system, you can start your title and/or registration application, and if necessary, receive a temporary plate. Make sure you follow the outlined steps carefully, which include submitting your vehicle details and personal information accurately.

Online Application For Temp plates wisconsin

Required Documentation

When applying for a Wisconsin temporary license plate, you must have proof of purchase, such as a copy of the signed title. This is crucial for proving ownership and the right to acquire a temporary plate. Ensure you have all necessary documents in digital form to upload during the online application process.

Payment and Fees

Upon completion of the application and submission of your documents, you will be required to pay associated fees online. These fees may consist of a temporary plate fee and any service fees for processing. It is important to review the total cost and have a credit or debit card ready for the online payment.

Remember, this temporary plate is valid for a specified period, usually up to 90 days, giving you the time to complete any additional steps for permanent vehicle registration.

Understanding Wisconsin’s Temporary Plates

In Wisconsin, temporary plates are essential for legally driving your vehicle before permanent plates arrive. These plates ensure you comply with state regulations while your permanent registration is being processed.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for temporary plates in Wisconsin, you need to provide proof of purchase, such as a copy of the signed title. It’s important that you apply within two days of the vehicle’s purchase to avoid any legal issues. Temporary plates are available to both in-state and out-of-state residents, but the validity period differs.

Types of Temporary Plates In Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers two main types of temporary plates:

  1. For in-state residents:
    • Valid for up to 90 days.
    • Use these plates while waiting for your permanent plates.
  2. For out-of-state residents:
    • Valid for up to 30 days.
    • Crucial if you’re planning to take the vehicle out of Wisconsin.

You must apply for temporary license plates promptly after the vehicle purchase to ensure you stay within the legal timeframe set by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Places To Displaying Your Wisconsin Temporary Plates

Once you have your temporary license plate in Wisconsin, proper display is crucial to ensure that you remain in compliance with state regulations.

Placement Guidelines

Your temporary license plate should be displayed on the inside of your rear window on the driver’s side. If this placement is not possible, you may place the temporary plate on the inside of the rear passenger window on the driver’s side. The placement must be such that it is clearly visible from the outside.

  • Recommended Placement: Inside rear window, driver’s side
  • Alternative Placement: Inside rear passenger window, driver’s side

Visibility and Legal Compliance

Your temporary plate must be fully visible at all times and should not be obstructed by tints, defoggers, or any additional wrappings that may obscure visibility. Ensure that all the information on the temporary plate, including expiration date and plate number, is clearly readable from a distance.

  • Visibility: Must be clear and unobstructed
  • Legality: Must comply with Wisconsin DMV regulations

Handling Common Issues

When seeking a temporary license plate in Wisconsin, you may encounter a few hurdles. This section guides you through resolving online application issues and addressing the matter of a lost or damaged temporary plate.

Troubleshooting Online Application Problems

If you’re experiencing issues with the online MV1 Application, the first step is to ensure all required information has been accurately filled out. Common errors include incorrect VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), personal information discrepancies, and payment processing failures. For system-related concerns, such as website downtimes or glitches, it’s beneficial to clear your browser cache or try a different browser. If these approaches don’t work, the Wisconsin DMV Official Government Site provides resources and contacts that can offer direct assistance.

How To Replace a Lost or Damaged Plate In WI

Should your temporary license plate become lost or damaged, you must address this immediately. It’s imperative to report the situation to the DMV to avoid potential legal issues. You can apply for a replacement through the Wisconsin DMV’s online services. Ensure to have your identification and vehicle information on hand, and confirm payment for any associated fees for the issuance of a new temporary plate.


Securing your temporary plates in Wisconsin can now be efficiently handled online. More details can be found at the Wisconsin DMV Official Government Site. Remember to submit the MV2750 form and fee to receive your plates by mail. For additional queries, the Wisconsin DMV email service offers assistance.

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