How to Transfer Out-of-State License to Florida

Residing in Florida,  an individual needs to get their valid driver’s licence in Florida within 30 days of their residency. In case you hold an existing licence of another state, still you need to change driver license to Florida to be able to legally drive in the state. For this, one needs to adhere to certain Florida check points on license and make sure all the criterions are met to be able to transfer their out of state licence to Florida, within just a few simple steps.

How to Transfer Out-of-State License to Florida Online

Here is some light on all your queries concerning over how to transfer my license to Florida! All you got to do is follow these simple steps and keep a count of all the required documents and you will easily get your licence transferred. However, before you get a transfer, you need to first get a valid vehicle insurance within 10 days of your residency in Florida. After securing your vehicle insurance, the next crucial step is to obtain a Florida temporary tag. This tag is essential for legal driving in the state while your out-of-state license is being processed.

  1. Arrange all the required documents as listed below along with the application fees. 
  2. Visit the website of and under the motor vehicle general information tab, get the required form for out of state licence transfer. 
  3. Fill in the details and submit the application fees.
  4. Submit the form and you will soon receive an email and mobile notification for the same.
  5. Once your application is processed, you need to take your vehicle for physical identification along with your set of original documents to the office for verification. You need to surrender your previous driver’s licence too.
  6. Once the process is completed, you will soon get your Florida licence. 

Following these simple steps, you can easily complete the process of obtaining your official licence in Florida from an out of state licence.

Florida Driver’s License Requirements for Out-of-State

There are certain set of documents that are required to apply for obtaining official Florida licence against your out of state licence. Here is a list to help!

  1. Out-of-state driver’s licence
  2. Proof of identification (US birth certificate, a valid unexpired US passport, consulate proof of birth abroad or an alien registration receipt card, in case of licence transfer due to marriage a valid government issued marriage certificate)
  3. Social security number, security card , W-2 form.
  4. Original driver’s licence that needs to be surrendered
  5. Application fees of $54.25

How to Transfer Expired Out-of-State License to Florida

 In order to proceed for expired out of state license transfer to Florida, you need to visit the DHSMV office, physically and finish the following needs-

  1. Physically visit the office and submit all the required documents and ID proof as in case of a normal licence transfer.
  2. Pass the vision test, conducted at the office.
  3. Submit your original expired out-of-state driver’s licence.
  4. Pay any outstanding fines or fees related to a suspended license online in FL if applicable.
  5. Get your temporary driver’s licence. 

Can I Have a Florida License with an Out-of-State Address?

No, in order to be able to drive in Florida, you need to hold a residential proof of Florida. For this purpose, an individual needs to provide either of these documents like- house deed, lease agreement, mortgage statement, W2 form, vehicle registration, 1099 form, etc. With an out of state address, you will not be able to get an in-house licence in Florida.

How Long Do I Have to Change My License After Moving to Florida?

Changing out of state license to Florida is permitted till 30 days of getting Florida residency. However, one needs to apply for their vehicle insurance in Florida within 10 days of their residency without which one cannot apply for the licence transfer.

If I Have a Permit from Another State, Can I Get My License in Florida?

No, one is not permitted to get a licence in another state if they have obtained a learner’s permit in a different state. However, one can transfer their licence entitlement to Florida stating their reason for transfer and completing all the required documentation, application fees requirements and overall process.

How Much Does a State ID Cost in Florida?

There are different costs involved with obtaining a State ID in Florida. If one needs an initial level Class E licence which includes the learner’s permit, the cost is $48, however, for a commercial Class A driver’s licence, the charge is $75 with endorsements of $7, each, while fees for ID card is $25. A service fees of $6.25 is also applicable at the local Tax Collector’s office for processing the documents and issuing the licence.


Thus, in order to get an out of state license transfer Florida, the above mentioned information can help a lot. All you need to collect all your documents and apply for the same at your local Tax Collector’s Office and within the defined period, you will be issued your legal licence for Florida. For a driver’s license address change Florida, similar documents are needed and your nearest local office will surely help in this regard.

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