How To Get Temporary License Plate South Carolina

To get a temporeary lcence plate in South Carolina, an individual has to submit a particular set of documenets suhc as vehcle title, bill of sale, or lease contract, application to the respective SCDMV branch. Only post cerfication fo the same, the temporary license will be isued. Individuals need to pay a registartion fees of $20 for the process and can applly online, too.

How to Get Your SC Temporary Tag Online

To get your SC temporary tag online, online, one needs to follow the following steps-

  1. First of all, “Register” and “Sign up” or “Log in” to your official account.
  2. Next, log in to the editor page using your valid credentials or click on new document.
  3. Submit the registration fees and required documents, online using email or link sharing.
  4. Submit the page and wait for your final call.
  5. To obtain a temporary license plate, the individual must submit their title, bill of sale, or lease contract from the seller of that vehicle, too.

As soon as the processing is complete the licence will be issued for a period of 45 or 30 days.

How to get 45 day temporary tag SC

In order to get a traceable temporary license plate, an individual needs to submit the title, bill of sale, or lease contract from the seller of that particular vehicle, along with a duly filled in and signed application for issue or replacement of a 45-day temporary plate (under Form 45-A) to any of the nearest SCDMV branch or the DMV office.

How can I get SC 30 day tag

The cost of obtaining a 30 day tag in SC is just $20.00 which is counted as the registration fees for the process. If an individual doesn’t have a residence in South Carolina or a DMV number from the SC DMV, the authprities will issue only a 30-day TP tag to them. The process for the same is similar to obtaining regular temporary tag. If one needs the tag for such a period, they can even purchase the same from DMV in advance to avoid any problmes.

What are the sc temporary tag requirements

Similar to trhe other states in US, South Carolina also holds a specific set of requiremnets to complete the car registration process and issue a temporary tag as per the need of an individual.

Given below are the set of requirements in South Carolina for issuing a temporary tag-

  1. Completely filled in title application (South Carolina DMV Form 400)
  2. Original vehicle title and its registration as obtained from the resident’s previous state.
  3. A valid identification proof of the individual against whose name the tag is to be issued such as a driver’s license.
  4. A valid proof of liability insurance in South Carolina.
  5. An original receipt of the property tax issued in South Carolina.

Individulas need to submit a copy of these documents during the online registration and submit the originals for verification purpose at the office during the final issue.

South Carolina temporary tag private sale

There is a valid application form that needs to be downloaded and duly filled in for the temporary tag private sale. Below mentioned are the setps to follow for the same-

  1. Regitsre and log in on the DMV website.
  2. Add a document and selsct the form importing option to upload yoru form.
  3. Make the required adjustments.
  4. Complete your documentation part either by email or by quick sharing through link.
  5. Submit the form and wait for the final verification call and later issue of your temporary tag.


All it takes to get your temporary tag in South Carolina is the right bunch of valid documents as required at the DMV office along with the paid registration fees for the entire process. Once these are submitted and the fees is paid, the temporary license can be issued as fast in 30 days or 45 days or 120 days, based on your urgency for the same and valid reason behind the same. However, one should make sure to submit the right set of documents along with the correct information during the online application process else it may lead to unwanted delays or rejection, too.

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