How To Get Printable Tennessee Temporary Tag (License Plate) Online

As the owner of a car in Tennessee, an individual needs to deal with multiple vehicle’s related queries that includes- obtaining a temporary tag, getting a permanent vehicle license, and the most cumbersome process of flipping between multiple types of license plates. This can be confusing but with us on your side, it won’t be anymore.

If you are the first time owner of a vehicle, but not sure on how the process of Tennessee temporary tags work, we are surely here to help. Applicants need to apply for their temporary plates through online mode, email or walk-ins and after processing, it is mailed within a period of 1-2 weeks of the application receipt. For any other questions, one can also visit at or write an email or call 615-741-3101.

How to Get Your Tennessee Printable Temporary Tag

Getting temporary tags Tennessee can be tricky if you aren’t aware of the process but with a step by step guided process, you can easily apply and get your tags within a week. The temporary tags can be obtain via TN temporary tag online application or via sending an email or through a walk-in directly to your nearest office. However, it should be known that Temporary Operation Permits (Red Tags) are only provided to applicants experiencing genuine title problems and not for the owners of salvage vehicles.

There are 3 ways in which one can apply for the temporary tags in Tennessee. Here is a guide on what to do-

1). Via Online Through the Official Website of Tennessee Government

For this, you need to visit the official website and apply online for receiving a temporary tag for your vehicle. After which, you will be directed to the next page. Fill in your details as per your valid records, failing which it might lead to cancellation or taking more time. Once the details are filled, you will be directed to the next page for fees payment. Pay the fees of $10 and submit. Finally submit the entire application form after verification and you are good to go. The application will be verified and validated before processing and further lead to issue of your temporary tag within one week of your application.

2). Via an Email Drafted Requesting the Issue of Temporary Tag for a Vehicle

Draft an email with the request for issue of a temporary tag for your vehicle. Attach copies of all the documents along with the fees receipt and send across for further processing and issue of the vehicle tag. The list of documents can be obtained below or you can also check for the same on Tennessee official website.

3). By Direct Walk-In to the Nearest Branch of Tennessee Tag Office

For this, the applicant needs to carry all of the documents required for the application process and the application fees. Submit a request application, pay the fees, get the receipt and finally tag along all these documents for the final submissions. After which, the application will be processed and you might receive your tags in a week.

30 Day Temporary Tags Tennessee

In general cost of temporary tags Tennessee is $10 that remains separate from any other fees the vehicle owner may have to pay in the process. License plates or tags are available via different sources like- online, via mail, and in-person. Applicants can move through the process according to their annual motor vehicle registration renewal process. Tennessee temporary tags are valid for a period of 30 days with a grace period of up to 90 days. Unlike many other states, the temporary tags in Tennessee are of one type, only and hold a validity of same tenure. Tennessee temporary tag are valid for 30 days as calculated from the day of its issue.

How To Get Tennessee Drive-Out Tags

The “Tennessee Department of Revenue” is responsible for issuing the temporary operation plates for different vehicles. This is also called the Dealer Drive-Out Tags (Green Tags), for drivers of general automobiles and motorcycles. These green tags application fees cost $5.50 for each. However for bigger vehicles like the trailers, one can opt for the purchase of a five-day Trailer Temporary Plate (Yellow Tags) that will cost $9 per tag.

How To Do Tennessee Temporary Tag Extension

Tennessee temporary drive out tags are generally valid for a period of 60 days in place of 30 day with a liberal grace provided by the government. However, Tennessee government does support an extension or a grace period for the expired license plates. But, one can consider a 90-days grace period, during which the driver is still eligible to drive for inspection appointments and vehicle maintenance, etc. Still, the driver needs to get their additional temporary tags, beforehand and apply for the regular license prior to the end of actual 30-day period if one needs to keep their vehicle rolling on the road, legally.

What are the Tennessee Temporary Tag Requirements?

To get the Temporary Tags/Temporary Operation Permits in Tennessee, the applicant needs to keep a few documents ready by their side, before applying. Following are the documents required for the same-

  1. Applicant’s ownership papers- Keep a copy of both the front and back side of the document, duly signed and notarised bill of sale.
  2. Some proof that the permanent tag is in the process.
  3. Applicant’s copy and original driver’s license.
  4. Application fees of $10 fee.

Once these are ready, the applicant that apply for their temporary tags Tennessee.


The government of Tennessee offers a very simple process to obtain a printable TN temporary tag online. All you need to do is keep the required documents ready, pay the required fees and submit your application to get your temporary tag within a week. The application can be submitted online, via an email or even by physically visiting their office.