How To Get a South Carolina Driver’s License From Another State

If you have moved to South Carolina (SC) from another state, you must surrender your current driver’s license to the South Carolina DMV in order to obtain a new one. You cannot operate your motor vehicle with an out-of-state driver’s license unless you are a student or active military personnel. After moving to South Carolina from another state, you need to apply for a new driver’s license within 45 days. In South Carolina, individuals who drive a motor vehicle must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the South Carolina DMV. If you are wondering how to obtain a South Carolina driver’s license while coming from another state, this detailed guide will assist you. We have included all the necessary requirements and methods to obtain a driver’s license for new residents in this post.

Key point: 

Obtaining a driver’s license in South Carolina is not difficult if you understand the procedure for processing your request. The South Carolina DMV has established a few instructions for new residents to issue a new driver’s license. Follow all the instructions carefully and provide all the required documents to the South Carolina DMV in order to obtain a new driver’s license and surrender your out-of-state driver’s license.

If you meet all the requirements according to the South Carolina DMV, they will issue you a new driver’s license, and your previous driver’s license or ID card will be cancelled in South Carolina. 

How to Transfer an Out-of-State Driver’s License in South Carolina

You must surrender your previous state identification documents to the South Carolina DMV and bring all the supporting documents to the DMV branch office 

( to obtain a new driver’s license. If you have a valid driver’s license issued by your previous state, you don’t need to take a knowledge test and road test except for a vision test. If you don’t have your driver’s license during the submission time, you can submit your previous state driving record to South Carolina (SC) DMV. As well as you must present the following documents mentioned below.

  • Identity proof, such as a US passport, date of birth certificate, or US citizenship
  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Current address proof
  • If you want to change your name, you need to submit proof of legal name

Along with these documents, you must pay $25 for a South Carolina Driver’s license for eight years.

If your previous state driver’s license expires more than nine months more, you must pass the vision, knowledge, and road tests to obtain a new driver’s license in South Carolina. 

How To Transfer SC License to Another State

After moving to another state from South Carolina, your driver’s license will be cancelled when you receive a new driver’s license in an out-of-state. As well as, if you want to register your vehicle in another state, you need to transfer your insurance to another state and return the license plates to the SC DMV. If you fail to surrender your license plates when you move to another state from South Carolina, your insurance provider will cancel your driver’s license, and you will need to pay a fine of $400. 

What are the Exceptions for an Out-of-State Driver’s License Transfer? 

Suppose you temporarily live in South Carolina as a student or active military person. In that case, you don’t need to obtain a new driver’s license in SC, but you have a valid identification document issued in your state.

How To Register a Car in Pa From Out-of-State

If you are moved to South Carolina from another state, you must transfer your vehicle registration and driver’s license. For vehicle registration, you need to complete property tax in the previous state before transferring your vehicle registration to South Carolina. The vehicle registration process can be done in person and by mail. 

Requirements for Vehicle Registration:

  • Update your vehicle insurance to your new residential address in South Carolina.
  • Complete the Title application ( to register your vehicle in South Carolina.
  • Submit the previous state vehicle registration document and title certificate to the SC DMV.
  • Submit your insurance details.
  • Present the identification documents, such as social security number, US passport, date of birth, and residential address.
  • Along with these documents, you must present the paid property tax receipt from your previous state. 
  • Pay $250 for infrastructure maintenance. 

What Are the Required Documents for Out-of-State Drivers In South Carolina? 

After moving to South Carolina, you must present a few identification documents to the SC DMV to prove your identity and residency, which will help you to transfer your license and vehicle registration and to receive official updates from the SC DMV.

  • Submit the identity proof: Date of birth certificate approved by the US government, US passport, or any other identification document approved by South Carolina.
  • Submit your original social security card.
  • You can submit a bank statement, postal address, insurance policy or bank statement, or lease agreement for the residential proof. 
  • An out-of-state driver’s license or driving record
  • Proof of liability insurance

Along with these identification documents, bring a few additional documents to process your request.

Can I Transfer My Out-of-State Expired Driver’s License to SC

Yes, it is possible, but the license expiration is not more than 9 months or more. If the out-of-state license expires, you must take vision and knowledge tests. After completing these two steps, you must complete the road test. 

Do I Need to Make an Appointment for a License Transfer in South Carolina?

You must schedule an appointment for all in-person services (Interlink). However, before scheduling an appointment, collect the required documents as discussed above to process your request. 


If you are moved to South Carolina permanently, you must transfer your driver’s license and other identification documents to South Carolina. After establishing a new residency, you need to contact the SC DMV branch office to transfer your license and vehicle registration. To obtain new ID cards authorized by South Carolina DMV, you must present all the documents as original. You need to wait a few days to obtain your new driver’s license after changing the address in South Carolina.

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