How To Schedule Appointment Georgia DMV

The Department of Motor Vehicle Registration is an office in charge of processing driver’s licenses, renewing the license, Real IDs, and more. The Georgia DMV is offering several services online to save customers time. If you are new to Georgia or want to apply for a driver’s license, renew a license or look for a REAL ID, you must keep all the documents in order.

How To Make a Georgia DMV Appointment

You can make appointments in three ways online, via phone, or in person. An online appointment system is better than other methods because you can see a list of availability on their official website when you make an appointment. Also, you can make an online appointment at any time. Visiting the office and making an appointment by phone can increase your wait time.

The official website allows customers to make appointments online. You can make an appointment online by following the simple instructions below. 

  1. Visit the official website ( 
  2. At the bottom of the website, you can see a list of services offered by the department of driver service.
  3. For example: choose a driver’s license. The page redirects to another page, where you can see instructions and eligibility criteria information along with the “apply for license” option. Click on that option. Or you can see the “start here” option and click on it. 
  4. The website redirects to another website(, where you have to accept terms and conditions.
  5. After this, you have to select the date and time and enter your details.
  6. Finally, it will schedule your appointment and generates a reference copy.

Keep the reference copy with you for further processing. Keep all the required documents when you schedule an online appointment and visit the office directly. 

Georgia DMV Appointment Number

You can make appointments at your local DDS office instead of waiting in long lines. A few services are not allowed online, and you must appear in person.  Also, you can call the Georgia Department of driver service to make an appointment. Agents at the office will schedule your appointments based on location and earliest availability. 

  • Call these numbers if you are within Atlanta (678) 413-8400 and (678)413-5800.
  • Call this number if you are outside of Atlanta (866) 754-3687

Note: You can call them morning at 7. A.M. to evening 4. P.M. Monday to Friday. 

Also, you can call the Georgia Department of driver service to make an appointment. Agents at the office will schedule your appointments based on location and earliest availability. 

Georgia DMV Permit Test Appointment

You must qualify for the knowledge exam when you apply for a learner’s permit or driver’s license. They cover topics around road signs and road safety rules. You can read all the information in the driver’s manual ( Read all the traffic and road safety information carefully before making an appointment for a learner’s permit. You have to answer at least 80 questions with correct answers. 

  • Open the official website and select practice test.
  • Now that redirects to another page(
  • You can see some instructions along with “start the practice test.” Click on it. 
  • That turns to another website to schedule your appointment. 
  • Select the date and time, and enter your details to schedule your practice test appointment.

Georgia DMV Driver’s License Appointment

The official website Georgia department of driver’s license service allows customers for online appointments. Keep all the documents with you when you register for a driver’s license, such as a permit license, social security number, proof of residency, and date of birth or passport and incase if you want to check points on your driving license please refer to this article

  1. Open This URL ( 
  2. Then you will see Driver’s License Service appointment.
  3. Just click the link that will take you to the details page. There you have to enter your name, email, and phone number.
  4. Once you enter the information, you must choose the date and time.
  5. After that, click Confirm to book your appointment at DMV Georgia.

Georgia DMV Driver’s License Renewal Appointment

The Georgia department of driver’s license allows you to renew your license 150 days before its expiration and if you want to revoke your license suspension then go through this page. You don’t need any appointments to renew your license or change your address at the Georgia Department of driver service. Just follow the instructions stated below.

  1. Visit the official website ( and scroll down the page to see the “renew license and charge address” option. Click on the “Log in/Create Account” button.
  2. The page redirects to another website (  
  3. On this page, see card services and select the “Renew or replace license/ID” option.
  4. The page redirects to another page for login.
  5. Create an account if you don’t have login credentials.
  6. You must enter your previous license number, issue date, license class, name and date of birth, and social security number on the registration page.
  7. After the registration, you will get login credentials for login.
  8. Log in to your account, where you can renew your license.

Georgia DMV Vehicle Registration Appointment

In the county tag office (, you can register your vehicle license plate in your name or transfer your vehicle title to another one. You have to consult the county office immediately when you are ready to register your vehicle. 

If you want to move your vehicle to Georgia or export from Georgia, you must apply for registration within 30 days, according to Georgia law you can refer to temparary license plate article for more detailed information.

  1. Open This URL ( 
  2. Then you will see the Vehicle Registration Service appointment.
  3. Enter your name, email, and phone number
  4. Once you enter the information, you must choose the date and time.
  5. After that, click Confirm to book your appointment at DMV Georgia.

If you want to register your vehicle in Georgia, update your license address to the Georgia department of driver services. 

For New Vehicle registration: You have to submit some required documents to the Georgia county office to register your new vehicle. 

  • Georgia driver’s license or ID card
  • Buyer and seller signatures must be completed.
  • The title should be in your name using your full name as it is printed on your driver’s license.
  • Submit sales bill
  • The manufacturer’s certificate of origin or registration from the non-title country must be allotted in your full legal name if the vehicle has no title. 
  • Proof of insurance

List Of DMV Georgia Appointment Online Services

You don’t need to visit the office directly in Georgia if you are looking for the services listed below. I discussed the Georgia service list and supported documents in this post. 

  • New Georgia license
  • Renew license or ID
  • Name and address change.
  • Lost or stolen replacements
  • Driving history report (MVR)
  • Check license status
  • Practice Test
  • Pay reinstatement, super speeder, and other fees
  • The list of appointments during the day

Best DMV Georgia Offices Walk-In Hours

Several DMV services are being completed online without visiting the office physically. However, a few services are required to visit the DMV physically.

  • Visit morning times to the DMV office in the afternoons. Afternoons are busier than mornings, and a few employees can serve you.
  • Middle of the week, Monday to Friday, visit the DMV office to reduce your wait time.
  • Make sure you have enough time, especially when you have a road test.

What are The Required Documents To Visit DMV Georgia Offices

A few documents are required when you visit the DMV office or make an appointment online. See the list of copies that you need for DMV-related services.

  • Proof of birth certificate or passport
  • Social security number
  • Two documents to prove your residency, utility bill, phone bill, or lease.
  • All documents must be original and stamped if necessary.


The above information is related to motor vehicle registration and licensing. Read all the instructions and guidelines carefully before taking a step. Make sure you have all the documents in order before making an appointment. If you have doubts, leave a comment for us.

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