How To Make Alabama DMV Appointment 

In the United States, many DMV departments have updated their appointment systems. The department of motor vehicles allows customers to make appointments online. It is the best way to make your appointment faster than usual. Except for a few services, remaining all the DMV-related services will be completed online without visiting the DMV office in person. Before making an online appointment, you must keep all the required documents in order. In this post, I will discuss how to make an Alabama DMV appointment online, office timings, required documents, and all the instructions.

How To Schedule An Appointment At DMV Alabama

You can schedule an appointment online by visiting the official website. Appointment making is much simple to follow instructions to schedule an appointment.

  1. Open the official website: (, you can see a list of services offered by the Alabama DMV.
  2. Select your services and select the date/time 
  3. Keep all the documents while making an appointment.
  4. Enter your personal information to receive alerts by phone or email.
  5. Review your details and schedule an appointment.

Take a print of the scheduled appointment copy and identification documents to visit the Alabama DMV local branch office.

How To Schedule Alabama Drivers License Appointment

If you want to apply for a driver’s license at Alabama DMV, your age should be 17 years or more. You will also have a restricted license before applying for a regular one. You can get the restricted license at 16, valid for four years and if your above 18 years and your license is suspended then follow this guide to revoke.

If you don’t have a restricted learner’s license, you can apply for it for six months before obtaining a restriction-free driver’s license. After obtaining the above qualifications, visit the DMV office directly and pay the fee of $31.25 to get the restriction-free license. Alternatively, you can schedule your driver’s license appointment online or by phone.

Bring the required documents while applying for the driver’s license. The papers are listed below in this post.

How To Schedule Alabama Learner’s Permit Test Appointment

Alabama DMV offers two types of learner’s licenses that are learner’s licenses and restricted learner’s licenses. Learner’s license applicants need to qualify for the examination conducted by Alabama DMV. The department of motor vehicles takes the examination information from the Alabama driver manual. Read all the instructions, road signs, and traffic rules carefully before applying for the learner’s license.

  • The department of motor Vehicles issues a driver’s license with a “Y” restriction after qualified the written test. The “Y” restriction indicates that the learner’s license holder must have a 21 years license holder (state of Alabama) beside the vehicle operator. This learner’s license will be expired after four years.
  • The learner’s license may cancel or revoked by the Alabama DMV if you violate the traffic rules and DMV terms and conditions.
  • You can schedule your appointment online or visit the DMV office directly to schedule your learner’s license at Alabama DMV. Bring the documents stated below while visiting the DMV office in person and incase if you lost your title then go though this guide to get the new one.
  • The Alabama DMV tests your vision before issuing the learner’s license. You must pass the vision test to obtain a learner’s license.
  • For the learner’s license examination, you will need to pay at least $5.00 by money order or cash. Checks are not allowed.
  • After this, when you want to apply for a driver’s license, you will need to pay a pay$36.25 fee to the DMV.

Alabama Learner’s Permit Online Scheduling

  1. Visit the official website ((
  2. Select the “Learner’s Permit” option.
  3. Select the Nearest DMV office
  4. Choose appointment “Time and Date.”
  5. Enter “Contact information.”
  6. Click on the “CREATE AN APPOINTMENT”

How to Make Alabama Road Test DMV Appointment

You should take a licensed driver when you take the road test. The licensed driver sits beside you while you are driving the vehicle. The vehicle should also pass the inspection and have valid insurance for the road test. Alabama DMV allows you to take only one per day.

Pay the license fee of $36.25 after passing the road test. Checks are not allowed. You have to pay the fee in cash or money order. In some DMV offices, the payments may be slightly higher.

After this all procedures, you will receive a temporary license by mail. If you didn’t receive your license in 30 days, call the DMV office: 334-242-4400

How To Schedule Drivers License Appointment Online

Follow the instructions below to schedule your driver’s license appointment.

  1. Visit this website (
  2. It will show you a list of services offered by the Alabama DMV.
  3. Select the “Road test” option.
  4. After this, select your nearest branch. For example, “Birmingham, 908 Bankhead Hwy w, Al 35201.
  5. Select your “Date and Time”
  6. Provide your contact information, such as Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and more.
  7. Finally, click the “CREATE APPOINTMENT.”

This website will generate an appointment copy. Carry this copy along with other required documents when you visit Alabama DMV.

How To Schedule an Appointment For Star ID

According to the Federal REAL ID act, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency introduced the STAR ID. STAR ID is also one of the REAL IDs as an ordinary Alabama driver’s license or non-driver identification card.

From May 3, 2023, every air traveler should have a REAL or STAR ID to travel on domestic airlines.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will provide STAR ID to qualified individuals. The county department in the state will also renew or provide duplicate licenses, STAR ID.

Follow the instructions stated below to schedule for STAR ID.

  1. Open the website (
  2. Select the “REAL ID” option.
  3. Select your “Nearest office.”
  4. Choose the “Date and Time”
  5. Enter “Contact Information”
  6. Finally, click on “CREATE AN APPOINTMENT.”

The website will generate a reference copy, which contains the scheduling information.

How To Schedule Alabama DMV Driver’s Renewal Appointment

You can renew your Alabama driver’s license 60 days before its expiration. You must make an appointment before visiting the DMV office in Alabama.

Bring the documents stated below when you visit the Alabama DMV in person.

  • Your previous license ID.
  • Date of birth certificate or passport
  • Residency proof.

Required Documents For DMV Alabama Appointment

You must bring the documents while visiting the DMV office or making an appointment online. If you keep all the required documents in order, your wait time will be reduced at the DMV office.

  • Two or three forms of identification documents are required. At least one identity document must have your photograph.
  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Social security number
  • School certificate or Graduation certificate
  • Address proof such as utility bill

How To Schedule Alabama Vision Test

You must qualify for the vision test with 20/40 acuity in both eyes. If you are failed in the vision test, you will need to visit an eye specialist for an examination.

How To Schedule Alabama Knowledge Test

You have to qualify for the knowledge test. They will ask questions from the Alabama driver manual. Read all the traffic rules and safety guidelines carefully before taking the knowledge test. For this knowledge test, you must pay $5.00 by money order or cash.

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