How To Get Vermont Temp Tag Online

Vermont offers a convenient option for drivers who need a temporary registration and license plate. Whether you’ve just purchased a vehicle or need to transport one within state lines, you can easily apply for and obtain a temporary tag online through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) portal. This service is designed to easy the process and save you a trip to the DMV office.

When applying for a Vermont temporary registration, you must present proof of ownership and ensure your vehicle is adequately insured. The online system has incorporated checks and verifications to facilitate this process, ensuring all legal requirements are met. A nominal fee of $6 is applicable for the online application, after which you can print your temporary license plate (tag) and registration directly from the website. This immediate access allows for the swift and legal use of your vehicle, complying with Vermont’s transportation regulations.

Vermont Temporary Tag Overview

In Vermont, you can obtain temporary tags for your vehicle as part of the registration process. This provision is designed for instances where immediate registration is not possible or practical.

Eligibility for Vermont Temporary Tags

To qualify for a temporary tag in Vermont, you must:

  • Own the vehicle you are seeking to register.
  • Ensure the vehicle is properly insured.
  • Have a valid Vermont driver’s license or ID.

Types of Temporary Tags in Vermont

Vermont offers a temporary registration tag that enables you to operate your vehicle legally until permanent registration is completed. These tags are typically valid for a short period and are intended to give you time to comply with registration requirements.

How to Apply for a VT Temp Tag Online

You can apply for a Vermont temporary tag online by:

  1. Visiting the official Vermont DMV website at
  2. Providing necessary documentation, which includes proof of ownership and insurance.
  3. Paying the required fee of approximately $6.00.

Once applied, you can print the temporary tag from your home printer and display it on your vehicle.

How To Get 60-day Temporary Registration Vermont

If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle in Vermont, you may apply for a 60-day temporary registration. This temporary registration allows you to legally drive your vehicle while you complete the process of obtaining a full registration.


  • Ownership: You must own the vehicle for which the temporary registration is sought.
  • Insurance: The vehicle must be properly insured according to Vermont law.

Application Process:

  1. Visit the Vermont DMV website.
  2. Navigate to the Vehicle Registration section.
  3. Click on the Apply for a Temporary Registration & Plate link.
  4. Complete the required information about the vehicle and owner.
  5. Pay the $6 fee.

Documentation: Upon completion of the online application and fee payment, you’ll be able to print your temporary registration and plate.

Important Points:

  • Remember, the temporary registration is valid for 60 days.
  • Ensure you have all necessary documentation ready for the full registration before this period expires.

It’s essential to follow the official DMV process and guidelines for the temporary registration of your vehicle to stay compliant with Vermont’s motor vehicle regulations.

Vermont Temporary Tag Utilization

When you purchase a vehicle in Vermont, you’ll need to apply for a temporary registration tag, which allows you to legally drive while waiting for your permanent plates. This tag is verifiable proof of your ownership and registration with the state’s DMV.

Proper Usage of Temporary Plates: Your temporary plate must be displayed in the same location as a permanent plate. This ensures law enforcement can identify your vehicle as legally registered. You must have proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times. The temporary registration is only for the vehicle purchased by you and cannot be transferred to another party.

Duration and Validity: The temporary tag is typically valid for 60 days from the date of issue. This should allow ample time to receive your permanent registration and license plates. It’s crucial that you affix the temporary tag promptly to avoid any lapse in legality.

Renewal and Extension Procedures: If you cannot obtain your permanent plates within the 60-day period due to circumstances beyond your control, you may apply for a renewal or extension. To do this, contact the Vermont DMV before your current temporary tag expires. You may be asked to submit additional documentation to support your request for an extension.

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