How to Reinstate My Mississippi License Online

The state of Mississippi offers a very well planned process for reinstatement of driving license through various ways. However, online application is the simplest and most convenient way to do the same. If an individual’s license gets expired or suspended, they can get it renewed and reinstated via online application by completing their corresponding reinstatement transaction. All you got to do is fill in the required details exactly same as per your Driver’s License, complete paying the reinstatement fees and submit your application and your request will be processed after verification.

How Do I Reinstate My Suspended License in Mississippi?

Reinstatement of a suspended license will be needed if your driving license was suspended under any of the legal infringements. In such a case, the applicant needs to first pay the stated driver’s license reinstatement fee, complete the applied court fines, undergo an alcohol treatment program as per government direction, and then submit their SR22 proof of being able to fulfil their financial responsibility for a period of at least three years.

Following a set of steps to complete the process, an applicant can get their licence reinstated. Here’s what to do! Here are the steps to follow for Mississippi Driver’s License Reinstatement-

Step 1: Apply for the Driver’s License Reinstatement
To start with, one needs to apply for the reinstatement of their driver’s license in case of a suspension. You can visit the official website for the Mississippi state and apply for the same.

Step 2: Pay Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee
The next step calls for the payment of the DL reinstatement fee based on the criteria of your legal infringement. Take a look at the official fees designated for the same before paying it.

Step 3: Satisfy Any Court Fines & Legal Fees
The next step calls for paying off the set legal fees for the reinstatement as per your condition. Once the fees is paid, the applicant also needs to complete their court fines and tenure before applying for the reinstatement.

Step 4: Complete Alcohol Treatment Program
The next step to follow is to undergo the government authorized “Alcohol Treatment Program.” This is a mandatory program and the applicant needs to undergo the same to complete their reinstatement application process.

Step 5: Provide Proof of SR22 Insurance for Three Years
Post completion of the same, a proof of completion of the “Alcohol Treatment Program”, one should also submit a proof of their SR22 insurance for a period of 3 years. Only after which, they are eligible for the reinstatement.

Once, all of the steps are completed, the application is considered for validation and processing.

How to Check Suspended License for Free in Mississippi

If you wish to check your suspended driving license record in Mississippi, it’s a very simple process. All you got to do is give a call on 601-987-1224 which is the number for the Department of Public Safety and obtain any further information for free. One can also visit the website of the “Department of Public Safety” and enter their personal information to get their free driving record.

What Is the Mississippi Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee?

The Mississippi driver’s license reinstatement fee entirely depends on the type of suspension an individual is detained under. An individual has to pay their reinstatement fees as per the designated legal fees such as – $100.00 for suspension citation, $100.00 for FTA reinstatement, $100.00 for FTP reinstatement, $175 for DUI reinstatement, $25.00 for Child support reinstatement, $100.00 for Judgement reinstatement, $175.00 for Drugs reinstatement, $100.00 for CDL Medical downgrade reinstatement.

Reinstatement TypeFee
Suspension Citation$100
FTA (Failure to Appear) Reinstatement$100
FTP (Failure to Pay) Reinstatement$100
DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Reinstatement$175
Child Support Reinstatement$25
Judgement Reinstatement$100
Drugs Reinstatement$175
CDL Medical Downgrade Reinstatement$100
Note: Payment for CDL Medical Downgrade Reinstatement can only be made at CDL driver license stations.

Who Do I Call about Getting My Mississippi License Back?

For getting answers to any questions regarding the driver’s license reinstatement in the state of Mississippi, one needs to give a call on the number (601) 987-1224 and press 1. You will be directed to the concerned officer for reinstatement under the DPS Driver Service Bureau. Get all your queries resolved and gain any further information on the kind of reinstatement you are looking for or the process to follow, etc. very easily.

The “Department of Public Safety” service bureau is solely responsible for all kinds of functions concerning an individual’s driver’s license in the state of Mississippi. Right from allotment to cancellation to reinstatement, everything needs to run through them to get an eligibility in the state. In order to get a suspended or expired license renewed, one needs to follow the step by step process as explained above. Also, it is important to complete the suspension period if any levied by the honourable court and pay the legal fine along with the required reinstatement fees to get your license back, too. So, follow the process and get your reinstatement done, hassle free.

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