Free Idaho Driving Record: How to Obtain Your Official DMV Report

Obtaining your driving record in Idaho is a straightforward process that can be quite beneficial, whether you’re checking for accuracy, keeping track of your driving history, or providing it for employment purposes. Your driving record, often known as a Driver License Record (DLR), provides a history of your driving activity, including any violations, suspensions, or revocations. In Idaho, you have the opportunity to access this record for a fee, which provides information covering a span of three years, as is typical for most driving records.

When you need a complete history, particularly for professional reasons such as commercial driving positions, the State of Idaho makes provisions for this as well. Specifically for CDL holders or applicants, it is not only important but a requirement to have a clean and accurate driving record. It’s important to note that these records will not include vehicle accident information, but for a comprehensive report of your driving profile, additional details can be requested to meet legal or employment requirements.

How To Access Your Idaho Driving Record

Your Idaho driving record serves as an official documentation of your driving history and can be requested through various methods, tailored to your convenience.

Method 1: Requesting Online

To access your driving record online, you need a credit/debit card or an Access Idaho subscriber account. Visit the Access Idaho Services website, where you can search for and obtain a printable copy of your Driver License Record (DLR). A standard online record request will provide you with a document that includes 3 years of history and costs $10.50.

Method 2: Requesting by Mail

You may request your driving record by mail by providing your full name as it appears on your driver’s license, your driver’s license number, and your date of birth. Complete a Driver’s Record Request form, attach the appropriate fee, and send it to the Idaho Transportation Department.

Method 3: Requesting in Person

To request your driving record in person, visit a local Idaho DMV office with your driver’s license and be prepared to pay the fee. You can receive a complete driver license history, which may cover more than three years of your driving records.

Know Every Single Info In Your Idaho Driving Record

Your Idaho driving record is a detailed document provided by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) containing your driving history. This document is crucial for verifying personal details, understanding your point-based driving performance, checking license status, reviewing traffic violations, accessing accident reports, and inspecting DUI records.

Personal Information:

Your driving record includes personal identification details such as your full namedate of birthdriver’s license number (DLN)social security number, and address. It is essential to ensure that this information is accurate and up-to-date.

Points System:

The state of Idaho uses a point system to monitor your driving behavior. Accumulating points can lead to consequences ranging from a warning to license suspension. Here’s how it works:

  • 12 to 17 points in 12 months: 30-day suspension
  • 18 to 23 points in 24 months: 90-day suspension
  • 24 or more points in 36 months: six-month suspension

License Status:

Your driving record will clearly state the status of your driver’s license—whether it’s valid, expired, suspended, or revoked. Checking this section regularly can help you avoid driving with an invalid license.

Traffic Violations:

This part of the record lists all the traffic violations you have incurred over a specific period. Minor offenses, as well as more serious infractions, are included, along with their dates and any resulting penalties.

Accident Reports:

The Accident Reports section details any vehicular accidents you have been involved in. It includes information about the date of the accident and if there were any citations or penalties as a result.

DUI Records:

In the DUI Records subsection, incidents related to driving under the influence are recorded. If you have past DUI charges, this section will document the dates, charges, and outcomes of those incidents.


In Idaho, obtaining your driving record is a fee-based service. Keep in mind: Uncertified 3-Year DLR: $7, Certified 3-Year DLR: $21 and Printable Copies: Add $2.50 for both uncertified and certified versions.

For personal or professional needs, ensure you have your driver’s license number or SSN and birth date ready. For detailed history, call (208) 584-4343. Remember, your driving record is an important document and maintaining it responsibly reflects on your driving privileges.

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