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Are you looking for a DMV appointment in the state of Illinois? The department of motor vehicles (DMV) charges some fee to process the registration of documents, driver’s licenses, and related paperwork. If you want to visit DMV in Illinois, you will have an appointment. New driver’s licenses, registration, renewal, and road test are conducted by the DMV in Illinois. You can get all the services from the DMV, but waiting hours is the most challenging task. You need an appointment when you go to the DMV office in Illinois. I will give you some guidance to complete your work in faster way. You do not have to wait much time at the Office of DMV if you follow the below things.

If you are a new resident of Illinois, you need to follow some rules and regulations according to the Illinois DMV. You must process some paperwork to keep your vehicle and driver documents in order. The department of motor Vehicles (DMV) will charge to process your vehicle and driver-related paperwork. I will share with you systematic guidelines about it. Read all the instructions carefully before making an appointment. 

You can schedule your appointment on the official website of DMV Illinois, or you get a schedule via phone or person (Private services that are offered to complete customers’ requirements in Illinois).

How To Schedule An Appointment At The DMV Illions

The department of motor vehicles (DMV) in Illinois is offering online services to customers without taking an appointment physically at the Office. On the DMV official website (Interlink), you can get a new driver’s license, register a vehicle, and renew your existing license. 90% of the DMV-related work you can finish at your home without visiting an office of DMV. 

There are three ways to get an appointment at the DMV: online, through a phone call, and in person. DMV has some guidelines if you are looking for a new driver’s license. Read all the instructions carefully before getting an appointment. 

Keep all the required documents with you while you make an appointment at the DMV. You need to follow these simple steps to get an appointment. 

  1. Visit the official website( through your browser. 
  2. Select what “Type of Service” you are looking for in the list of services, such as driver’s license, renewal license, and vehicle registration.
  3. You can get an appointment for the exam, or license renewal, request duplicate ID cards/corrections, or make payment in the service list.
  4. Select the Time and Schedule your appointment based on availability. 

You can schedule your appointment by sending a mail to the DMV. You can find this mail address on DMV’s official website (Interlink).

Illinois DMV Appointment Phone Number

It is an easy and best way to schedule your appointment by phone, but you have to hold for a couple of minutes while they process your request. Manage your time before making an appointment via phone call.

  • Call these Numbers to make your schedule in the Illinois DMV:
  • Call 80002528980 for the main Office of the Illinois DMV 
  • Call 2177583000 for SOS Illinois is out-of-state. 

How to Make DMV Appointment Chicago

You must follow the same process in every location to book an appointment for your dmv services. Open the DMV state Illinois website, fill in your details, choose a date, and confirm it. If you want steps for this process, just read the above steps.

How To Make an Illinois Driver’s License Renewal Appointment

  1. You can get a driver’s license renewal appointment as a new driver’s license.
  2. Both procedures are almost identical, but you must submit your previous driver’s license while renewing. Please apply for your renewal license, visit their website and register.
  3. You have to select a renewal driver’s license in the list of services provided by the Illinois DMV. 

A renewal license may not take much time as a new driver’s license, and they will verify that you are submitted information while you are applying for the new driver’s license. Also, you can register your new vehicle in the same way.

Make Your Schedule By A Person

In addition, you can make your schedule through a person you know nearest the DMV office. Though, it is not a good choice during the pandemic. On the other hand, you can visit DMV, but you have to wait hours in the queue. 

 How To Make an Illinois DMV Written Test Appointment

Keep all the required documents with you while applying for the written test. Such as your Real Identity, date of birth certificate, or passport. I added a few requirements above for those who want an online appointment. 

  1. Visit their official website and register with your email ID to take a written test appointment.
  2. You can see a list of services they provide on the website, such as a new driver’s license, written test, renewal of driver’s license, and other information. 
  3. Select your requirement and select the date based on availability. 
  • To get a driver’s license, you must complete your written test before taking the road test. Illinois DMV conducts a written exam that contains a list of traffic rules and regulations.
  • The examination paper has 35 questions to test your knowledge in the driving education course. The questions in the written test ask you about basic rules about traffic lights, road signs, vehicle function, how to handle adverse conditions, and so on. 
  • You have to give the correct answer to 80 percent of questions (It means you must give the correct answer to at least 28 questions).

How To Make an Illinois Road Test Appointment

If you are worried about the Illinois road test, don’t worry. It is a relatively easy task. Keep your hard work and skills with you before taking a road test appointment. Self-confidence and little preparation are enough to attend a road test.

  1. In the Illinois road test, you have to visit the Office, and there is no online scheduling option. The road test conducts at the DMV office, so go to the Office in time and wait for your turn.
  2. Your vehicle should have registration and insurance while taking a road test. So check all the vehicle-related documents.
  3. You must have another licensed driver with you while taking a road test. According to Illinois, your driving test vehicle should meet the requirements of the Illinois DMV.
  4. After the documents, and car verification, take little practice before taking a road test.

Note: Illinois DMV denied some people because their car didn’t meet their requirements. I recommend you check your vehicle multiple times according to Illinois requirements.

  • Your vehicle must have a registration and inspection sticker along with insurance.
  • The car will have a working speedometer, mirrors, headlights, horns, and signal indicators.
  • Driver-side doors and passenger doors should have in working condition. Also, seat belts should have your car.
  1. These are all the requirements you should have for your car while taking a driving road test in Illinois. If you don’t have a car, ask your friends or family to take a road test. Or you can get a car from your driving school also.
  2. I visited the Office earlier to overcome the crowd. You can save time if you see the Office earlier in the day. You should have a driver’s license fee of Rs. $30.
  3. Go to the “SOS” site along with your driver. The DMV officer will ask you some questions and take a picture of the driver’s license. They will issue a token for your driving test. After this, they call you for your driving test. Go to the driving test and keep a driver inside the car. The DMV
  4. Officers show you the way where you have to drive the car. Follow their instructions and drive your car carefully.

Note: For the driving test, these kinds of requirements and rules are the most common in the united states, the driving test. If there is lots of space and they have employees, your wait time will be shorter.

The road test takes around 15 minutes. It will be completed quickly, but you must wait at the SOS site until they call you for the driving test.

How To Make an Illinois DMV Appointment for Real ID

  1. Keep the documents to apply for Real ID.
  2. Fill the application in online to visit the DMV office in Illinois.
  3. Carry all the documents with your Real ID to the DMV office.

What Are The Best Timings To Visit DMV office in Illinois

In this busy life, waiting hours is our most challenging task. Some ways to get an appointment quickly and finish your work in less time. Here are some best times that allow you to complete your work faster.  

  • Afternoons are much busier than mornings.
  • Your wait time will be shorter in the middle of the week instead of Monday and Friday.
  • Please do not make a schedule in the afternoons, because it is lunchtime for the employees. Try to make your schedule after or before lunchtime.
  • Take extra time to finish your paperwork when you take a road test or permit.
  • Illinois DMV offices opening timings: Monday to Friday 8 AM TO 5: 30 PM

Note: According to the Real ID Act of 2005, people must show their Real ID card while applying for a license or other department-related services. 

Required Documents To Visit DMV Illinois Appointment?

Are you looking for applying a travel ID or driver’s license in Illinois? You have to carry some required documents with you. Your work will be completed if you have all the required documents.

  1. Identity proof of United States citizenship or birth certificate or passport.
  2. Identity of social security number, for example, social security card or W-2 form.
  3. Two documents are needed to prove your Illinois residency, such as the lease agreement and utility bill.

Remember, all the documents should be original and stamped if you have already sent some documents to them.

How To Cancel DMV Illinois Appointment Or Reschedule

You can cancel your DMV appointment online or by phone (888-970-0357). They will ask for some required information while they process your request. Keep your reference document or reference number (Appointed Id) of the appointment schedule. In addition, you can request cancellation through Email.

You can cancel your scheduled appointment on the official website if you are registered on it.

What kind of questions do you have to answer? 

In general, we will automatically follow some traffic rules without any driving education while we walk on the road. Also, you have some knowledge about traffic signals and pavement markings. In the same way, they ask you questions about traffic signals, shapes, and pavement markings along with multiple answers, true or false questions in the examinations.

Learn all the traffic rules in driving education to attempt the examination. Don’t worry if you fail the examination. DMV conducts a test three times a year from the date of application accepted by the Illinois DMV.

What are The Illinois DMV Requirements?

  • You have to renew your license for a new real ID.
  • If you do not have a previous driver’s license ID, visit the DMV office in Illinois.
  • You must provide all the required documents to get a Real ID card. Ensure that your documents have the correct date of birth, Name, and Address without mistakes as per your passport.
  • Make a Schedule for an appointment in the DMV service center to get Illinois REAL ID.

Do I need A Appointment For DMV

Yes, you need an appointment that requires the Illinois Secretary of state Facilities to control multiple transactions and driver’s licenses.

In a pandemic, they are allowing people with the scheduled appointment only.

Can I visit Office Directly?

Yes, you can, but the recent changes in the DMV need an appointment. They allowed thousands of people before the pandemic, which is difficult for the DMV. 

Do I Need To Carry the Original ID?

Yes, they need to verify your information and previous history before approving a license for you.

What is the Best Way To Get a Quick Appointment?

Online scheduling is the best way because you can make an appointment based on your free time.

How to Make a Schedule, If I am Busy? 

You can make your schedule through private organizations, who will make your appointment, and call back when the schedule is ready. 

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