How to Check Points on Driver License in TN

You must check the points o your driver’s license to protect your license from suspensions and reduce insurance premiums. If you want to check the points on your driver’s license, you need to download your motor vehicle record (MVR). In this detailed guide, we will explain the download cost of MVR, where to download motor vehicle records and the uses of checking points on your driver’s license. Let’s move to learn how to check points on a driver’s license in TN.

To track traffic violations, the Tennessee Department of Safety track your details and develops the point system. When you violate traffic rules, the motor vehicle department will add points to your driver’s license, which you can see in the driving record. 

How to Check Your Driver License Online In TN

You can get motor vehicle records to checkpoints on your driver’s license online, by mail, and in person at the Tennessee motor vehicle branch office. Also, you can get a driving record from anyone authorized by you. To get your driving record online, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the E-service website: the “Order a Motor Vehicle Report” option and click on it.

Step 2: Next, enter your last name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and Social Security number.

Step 3: After providing the above information, click the “SUBMIT” button to access your driving record online. 

How to Check Your Driver License In-Person TN

If you want to visit the driver’s license centre to obtain your driving record or wish to order your driving record from a person authorized by you, find the nearest offices here (

  1. Visit the driver’s centre and pay $5
  2. To obtain your driving record provide your name, driver’s license number, and social security number.

If you want to get the driving record from any other person, you must present the notarized statement to the motor vehicle department.

How to Check Your Driver License By Mail In TN

If you cannot visit the DMV office in person or can’t get your motor vehicle record online, get your driving record (Motor Vehicle Record) through the mail. To do this, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Take $5 a check or money order in the name of the Tennessee Department of Safety.
  2. Mention your name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and social security number.
  3. Mail these documents to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, MVR request
  4. Post Box 945, Nashville, TN 37202.

After mailing these details to the Tennessee DPS, wait for 14 days to get your Motor Vehicle Record.

How Many Points They Will Add For My Violation In TN

Tickets and Court Abstractions where speed not indicated on source documents3
Speeding 1 through 5 mph in excess of speed zone1
Speeding 6 through 15 mph in excess of speed zone3
Speeding 16 through 25 mph in excess of speed zone4
Speeding 26 through 35 mph in excess of speed zone5
Speeding 36 through 45 mph in excess of speed zone6
Speeding 46 mph and above in excess of speed zone8
Speed is less than posted minimum3
Driving too fast for conditions, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident3
Operating at erratic or sudden changing speed3
Reckless Driving6
Careless or negligent driving4
Failing to obey traffic instructions4
Improper passing4
Wrong way, side or direction4
Following improperly3
Following emergency vehicle unlawfully3
Failing to yield the right-of-way4
Making improper turn3
Failure to signal direction or to reduce speed suddenly3
Stopping, standing, obstructing, or blocking traffic3
Coasting; operating gears disengaged3
Improper backing3
Improper starting, burning rubber, spinning tires, peeling out3
Driver view or mechanism obstructed3
Driving mountain highway-controlled/audible warning3
Inability to maintain control3
Improper operation of or riding on a motorcycle3
Improper lane or location, driving on roadways for traffic3
Use of controlled access roadway4
Inattentive driving, due care, failure to drive in careful manner, unsafe lookout, improper driving3
Cross private property to avoid stop sign or signal4
Operating a vehicle while using cell phone (under 18)6
Passing a stopped school bus, church or youth bus taking on or discharging passengers8
Violation of driver license or certificate restrictions6
Reckless endangerment by vehicle (misdemeanor)8
Miscellaneous traffic violations; any offense involving the unsafe operation of a non- commercial motor vehicle not herein specified3
Leaving the scene of a crash (no revocation action only)5
Failure to report a crash4
Failure to yield to emergency vehicles; Failure to change lanes/slow down for authorized vehicles on roadside6
Failure to stop at railroad crossing8
Tickets and court abstracts where speed isn’t posted (Construction Zone)4
Speeding 1-5 mph above posted speed (Construction Zone)2
Speeding 6-15 mph above posted speed (Construction Zone)4
Speeding 16-25 mph in above posted speed (Construction Zone)5
Speeding 26-35 mph above posted speed (Construction Zone)6
Speeding 36 mph and above posted speed (Construction Zone)8
Contributing to an accident involving property damage3
Contributing to an accident resulting in bodily injury4
Contributing to an accident resulting in another’s death8
Operating without driver license in possession2
Operating without being licensed or without license required for that type of vehicle operated3
Operating while driver license required for type of vehicle operated is under suspension, revocation or cancellation8
Fleeing Law Enforcement Officer (misdemeanor)8
Child Endangerment (misdemeanor)8

What is the MVR (Driving Record)?

In the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, a driving record is called a motor vehicle record (MVR). With the help of this motor vehicle record, see the history of your driver’s license from 1 year to 10 years, and the record is original and provided by the Tennessee DPS only. 

  • Accidents
  • Traffic tickets
  • Fines
  • Violations
  • Suspensions/revocations
  • Accumulated points
  • that shows accident 

The information is essential to protect your driver’s license from suspensions and revocations. If you accumulate 12 points in 12 months, the Tennessee motor vehicle department will suspend your driver’s license. 

How Long Do Points Stay On License in TN? 

Usually, the points stay on your driver’s license for 2 years. After this, all the accumulated points will be removed if you didn’t convict of any traffic offence.

How do Points on a Driver’s License affect Insurance?

Yes, the points on your driver’s license affect your insurance rates directly. When you apply for Insurance, the provider will ask for your driving record to check the points. If you accumulate more points, your insurance premiums will increase. Sometimes, you need to file SR-22 liability insurance if you have more points accumulated due to DUI, accidents, or severe injuries.

How to Clear Your Driving Record in Tennessee

Yes, in some cases, you can reduce the points on your driver’s license if you pay the fines before the due date. Practice safe driving to avoid accumulating more points on your driver’s license.  As well as you can reduce speeding points up to five by completing a four hours traffic school course from the date of speeding conviction. After completing this course, mail or fax the certificate to Financial Responsibility Section

 Post Box 945, Nashville, TN 37202-0945. Fax Number: 6152423480, phone number: 8669037357

How Many Points to Suspend License in TN

In Tennessee, if you accumulate 12 or more points on your license within a year, it may result in suspension. However, before suspension, you may have the option to attend a defensive driving course if a hearing permits. It is advisable to check the current rules and regulations with the Tennessee Department of Safety.


The Tennessee Department of Security and Homeland Security add points to your driving license if you violate traffic rules. The points directly affect your Insurance and license suspension. As well as, the points stay on your driver’s license for up to two years, and these accumulated points go away if didn’t accumulate new points. If you want to reduce points on your driving record, pay fines before the due date, and take the safe driving courses suggested by the Tennessee DPS.

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