How To Do TN Drivers License Reinstatement (Tennessee)

The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security (TDOS) will suspend your license if you violate traffic rules, and the suspension period depends on the type of violation you are committed. However, the good news is you can reinstate your suspended or revoked driver’s license in Tennessee after serving the suspension period. This detailed guide covers how to reinstate a suspended license in TN, the reinstatement fee, and the required documents.

To reinstate a suspended license, you have three ways: Online, by mail, Fax, and in person. In all these methods, a single process is enough to reinstate your driver’s license in Tennessee. In this post, you can see three ways to reinstate your suspended license in Tennessee. 

How To Reinstate Suspended License Online in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security offers customers the to reinstate the suspended driver’s license online after serving a suspension period. It is the easiest way to reinstate your driver’s license without visiting the TDOS, and this process completes in a couple of minutes. 

Before applying for reinstatement online, you must have a credit or debit card to pay the reinstatement fee online—the reinstatement fee range from $20 to $228, depending on the type of violation.

Scan all the required documents before processing your application, which you must upload while processing your request. We have mentioned the list of documents in the section on required documents. 

  1. Visit the E-service website ( to reinstate your driver’s license, where you can see several services TDOS offers online. To apply for reinstatement, find the “Pay reinstatement” link and enter your TN driver’s license number, last name, date of birth, and social security number. Click the “SUBMIT” button. 
  2. Fill in the required fields with the correct details and upload scanned documents on the E-service website.
  3. Pay the reinstatement fee through your credit or debit card. 

After this, wait for five days to verify and process your application. The submitted documents and provided information are correct; the TDOS will remove the suspension and allow you to apply for a reissue. 

Reissue Your License: You must reissue your license after removing the suspension. 

To reissue your driver’s license visit the E-service website mentioned above and select the “Reissue after reinstatement” link to reissue your suspended or revoked license. 

Reinstate Driver’s License by Mail in Tennessee

To instate a driver’s license by mail, you must provide the driver’s full name, date of birth, SSN (Social Security Number), phone number and driver’s license number. If you know what the reason for the suspension or revocation is, you can include them. You send the documents through U.S Mail and Courier.

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Financial Responsibility
PO BOX 945
Nashville, TN 37202

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Financial Responsibility
1150 Foster Ave. *
Nashville, TN 37210

Reinstate Driver’s License In person in TN

If you can’t request to reinstate your driver’s license online, you may visit any driver’s license centre ( Bring all the necessary documents, such as driver’s license, social security number, date of birth, and residential address, while visiting the driver’s license branch office. You need to see the branch office morning or afternoon to process your request. 

Get Reinstatement Information by Phone: 

You can call the reinstatement call centre to get your driver’s license information. The automated call centre will allow 24 hours to get information.

Also, you can fax the documents Tennessee motor vehicle department to reinstate the suspended or revoked driver’s license: Fax Number: 615 242 3480. You can only use this fax facility Monday to Friday during working hours. 

License reinstatement phone number: 1-866-903-7357

 Overview: First, you need to visit the E-service website, where you can see the reinstatement option that allows you to pay a reinstatement fee, upload documents, and review submitted documents. After this, you may apply for a license reissue to obtain full driver’s license privileges. 

Tennessee Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee Details

You need to pay a reinstatement fee depending on the violation type. As well as suspension period also depends on the violation type. We have explained the type of violation, suspension period and reinstatement fee details.  If you are operating a motor vehicle on Tennessee roads, you must have liability insurance that protects you and your vehicle. If you fail to show insurance on the violation date, TDOS will suspend your driver’s license. To avoid suspension, you must provide liability insurance within 30 days of the date of conviction.

OffenseConsequenceDurationReinstatement FeeSR-22 Fee
Fail to Show InsuranceLicense SuspensionUntil proof of insurance is provided within 30 days of conviction
Convicted Without Surrendering License$75 Fine
Fail to File Owner/Operator Report$65 Reinstatement Fee$65$55
Unresolved Crash JudgementLicense Revoked$100$50
Fail to Maintain SR-22 Insurance$65 Fine$65$50
DUI Conviction (1st)License Revoked1 year$103$50
DUI Conviction (2nd)License Revoked2 years$103$50
DUI Conviction (3rd)License Revoked6 years$103$50
DUI Conviction (4th)License Revoked8 years$103$50
Fake ID Conviction (Under 18)License Revoked2 years$20$50
Speeding/Racing Conviction (1st)License Revoked1 year$103$50
Speeding/Racing Conviction (2nd)License RevokedLifetime$103$50
Drive Without Paying for FuelDriving Privileges Cancelled$165$50

Overview: You must pay $50 for SR-22 and $75 for failing to submit your driver’s license for all violations. The reinstatement fee and suspension period depend on the violation you commit.   

Tennessee Driver’s License Reinstatement Requirements

Tennessee driver’s license requirements depend on the suspension or revocation type. However, all the suspended or revoked license holders must submit SR-22 liability insurance, reinstatement fee, and required documents. 

What Happens When Your License is Suspended in TN?

If your license is suspended, driving privileges will be cancelled, and you need to surrender your driver’s license to the court. As well as, after suspension, you need to wait until the suspension period is over. After this, depending on the conviction type, you must present the documents and pay a reinstatement fee and insurance to TDOS to reinstate your driver’s license.

Can a Revoked License Be Reinstated In TN?

It is possible to reinstate your revoked license based on conviction type. You need to pay a reinstatement fee of $50 for SR-22 insurance. After removing revocation, you need to apply for license reissue at any TDOS branch office E-service website mentioned above in this post. However, you must show all the requirements to TDOS to reinstate your removed license.

If I Pay My Reinstatement Fee, Will My License Still Be Suspended?

Yes, you can’t get full driving privileges until applying for reissue after paying the reinstatement fee. After submitting documents and payment, the TDOS will allow you to apply for the reissue of your driver’s license. After processing your request, the suspension will be removed from your driver’s license. 

How to Get a Revoked License Back in TN

You need to wait until the revocation period is over. You can get back your license after removing the revocation. However, you need to present a reinstatement fee depending on the violation, submit the documents, and insurance liability. 

How to Check Tennessee Driver’s License Status

You can call customer care to ask questions about your driver’s license, and using this phone number, you can check your Tennessee driver’s license status. 

Phone number: 866-903-7357

Bottom Line:

Tennessee driver’s license can be reinstated after the suspension or revocation period. However, you must submit the required documents, reinstatement fee and liability insurance. If you’re convicted multiple times, the TDOS may cancel your driving privileges for 1 to 10 years.

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